Which are some creepy haunted Halloween houses

Not for the faint of heart: These ten haunted houses are known all over the world for their violent horror deposits.

Halloween has long ceased to be a phenomenon in the distant US that nobody here knows. In Europe, too, every year people dress up as creepy, funny or curious characters, watch horror films and go from door to door to collect sweets. Haunted houses are also an absolute Halloween must for one or the other.

While there are hardly any of them in Germany, some regions in the world have perfected hands-on horror. Here is a list of the ten most terrifying haunted houses in the world.

1. Haunted Plantation in Waipahu, Hawaii

The Haunted Plantation (in German: Haunted Plantation) in Waipahu, Hawaii is considered by horror fans as one of the scariest haunted attractions in the USA. The Plantation is said to be built on a real, haunted village and 60 actors are supposed to scare visitors here. Children are not welcome here because they wet themselves too often in the eerie atmosphere, writes the operator on his website. Pregnant women and people with heart problems are also strongly advised not to visit.

2. Loftus Hall in Wexford, Ireland

Loftus Hall is a historic 14th century mansion in Wexford, Ireland. Since then the building has passed through many hands and at times belonged to a Benedictine order. In the past decade it has been increasingly used as a haunted hotspot for tourists. Guided tours and seasonal horror events attracted people from all over the world to the historic walls the Loftus Hall. Legends say that the devil himself is said to have visited the villa. And as it should be, the walls are haunted by the ghosts of its former residents, who have occupied ghost hunters from everywhere for years.

Also the Gothic Thriller The Lodgersgave the villa some fame because it was filmed here.

3. Tulsa Hex House, Oklahoma, United States

The Tulsa Hex House has long been one of the top horror attractions in the United States. It picks up on a dark true history of the region and sprinkles a lot of shock elements about it, to upset visitors. The horror show revolves around the case of two young women who were discovered together with a small coffin in a house in Tulsa in 1944.

These had been under the influence of a woman who had locked the women in her basement for seven years. The case had sectarian facets. There were also plenty of mind control writings in the house. The two women testified that they had never contradicted an order from their "prison guard".

4. Fearaphobia in Sydney, Australia

Fearaphobia is Australia's only horror park. Hard-boiled people will find a veritable collection of horror experiences here. A total of seven attractions can be visited in the park. Whether you are in the Dare to go to the zombie clinic, or the spirits in the crypt wants to look the past in the face - fearaphobia promises to make everyone's blood run cold.

5. Field of Screams in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Similar to Fearaphobia, the Field of Screams (in German: Field of Screams) offers several shower experiences. On a Ride on a cursed hay wagon, two haunted houses and an open area, bloody clowns cavort, Zombies, chainsaw killers and other classic horror characters. Those who are terrible should rather stay at home on this excursion, because the actors sometimes get on your skin during a walk, visitors report.

6. Lost Souls Alley in Krakow, Poland

The "Alley of Lost Souls" is not for the faint of heart. Somewhere between a labyrinth and a horror house, the Krakow attraction is also a challenge for mental abilities. Because if you want to find the way out, you have to deal with a lot of horror moments, sweaty horror phenomena and the like.

7. Fright Nights at Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Fright Nights is a Amusement park full of bloodied clowns, bared witches and hybrids, straight from your nightmares. Particularly worth seeing: the actors reenact a lot of popular horror films and give their visitors numerous sleepless nights.

8. Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear in Japan

In Japan meet again Maze and hospital on each other. The Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear is one of the largest haunted houses in the world and has already scared over four million visitors. Especially scary in 2020: It's all about a quarantine station. Unlike in real hospitals, however, terrible experiments are carried out on patients in this clinic. And all of this before the eyes of the shivering visitors.

9. Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in Seoul, South Korea

That too South Korean Gonijam horror house has the hospital theme as a classic horror trope written on the flag. The abandoned psychiatric clinic is said to be haunted.

10. McKamey Manor

McKamey Manor is hands down the most controversial horror house in the world. At this point it should be mentioned that it is absolutely not recommend exposing yourself to the "actors" here. Before starting the visit, visitors must undergo a medical and psychological examination and sign a cease-and-desist letter. An earlier version of it has been leaked. Participants are required to affirm that they are aware that their teeth and fingernails will be pulled and that any number of other forms of torture could be used on them. Critics repeatedly denounce that McKamey Manor is not only traumatizing, but also far exceeds the limits of legality.


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