Is geocaching safe?

Geocaching: Together on a scavenger hunt

If you want to try geocaching for the first time, you naturally ask: How do I start? To do this, you first have to register on one of the corresponding geocaching platforms. There you will get the coordinates of the geocache. Depending on your requirements, these can be located anywhere where a geocache has been hidden. This is currently the case in 191 countries.

Three examples of geocaching platforms are:

  • worldwide; it is used by the majority of geocachers; Basic functions free of charge, premium functions subject to a charge
  • worldwide, with a focus on Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain; all functions are free
  • An overview of other geocaching platforms made available by the German Wanderjugend.

In the description of a cache, the coordinates as well as the ratings for terrain, difficulty and size are usually given. As a beginner, it makes sense to start with a rather simple task. After you have entered the coordinates in your GPS device or smartphone, you can start.

Keep in mind that you can rarely walk or drive as the crow flies. So you should think about routes and how best to get to your destination: on foot, by public transport or by car. Once you have found the container, make a note of yourself in the logbook and exchange the gift if necessary.

Don't forget to take a little something with you to swap, for example a key ring, a small puzzle or a stuffed animal. Then you have to hide the container exactly where you found it - for the next treasure hunter.