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The 4 Hop-on Hop-off routes from Big Bus Tours cover a large area of ​​the Central London off and bring you to the most important Tourist Attractions. The Red line is the main route and next to the comments from multilingual audio guide get on this line too Live information from an English speaker Tour guide. The German comments to the sights you can click on all lines about the free available headphone listen via audio guide.
For the Hop-on Hop-off tours you can join Big Bus Tours Classic, Premium and Deluxe ticket to buy. These tickets come with 1, 2 and 3 Days validity described on the provider website. However, these are not calendar days, but 24h tickets. The Premium ticket is for example for 48 hours valid from activation. With these 3 ticket variants is a boat trip on the Thames * and a guided walk through central London included. If you also have sights like that London Eye and Madame Tussauds want to visit, then the London Explorer Pass is one interesting offer for her. With this Sightseeing Pass can you do the Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off Service for one Calendar day use.
When you get the tickets directly about the Website of the provider order, you will often receive one Discount of up to 10%. The tickets are Valid for 6 months and can within this period on one any day to be activated. The activation is made directly to the Bus stops or in bus. In case you are a mobile ticket on your mobile phone, you will receive a upon activation Paper ticket. For the following trips then you need this paper ticket continue to use.

  • 4 sightseeing lines with many attractions
  • flexible ticket for 6 months
  • from Classic Ticket a walk incl.
  • from Classic Ticket Thames boat trip incl.
  • Can be used with a Sightseeing Pass
  • no free cancellation option
  • no audio channel for children
  • just a walk in the program

Solid offer!Big Bus Tours is a big international provider for city tours. These experiences are reflected in the solid hop-on hop-off offer for London reflected. The Classic, Premium and Deluxe ticket each has one 24, 48 or 72 hours validity and it is a walk and a Thames boat trip included. Unfortunately only will a route for the free guided walk offered.

Directly with the provider on-line order and up to 20% compared to buying on site save up: Big Bus Tours *
Now on-line additional -10% With Promotion codeCW10LONDON. Simply on the Click the link above and code at shopping cart enter.

In addition to the 5 sightseeing routes offers The Original Tour still a Feeder route to the districts close to the center many hotels at. On the yellow hop-on hop-off route the buses even start the last full lap in the summer season at 9:00 p.m.. This route is in 2 lines T1 and T2 divided. On the line T1 get english Live comments by a tour guide, at the line T2 As with the other two sightseeing tours, there is one Audio guide via headphones in German and 10 other languages. The headphone receive free at the bus driver. The Original Tour offers one Audio channel for children at. There is also a freeChildren's Activity Pack *, but unfortunately both only in english.
The cheap 1-day ticket only applies to one calendar day. In combination with the long operating times you get a very for it attractive price-performance ratio. For a few euros more you can get at 24h ticket more flexibility through the Valid for 24 hours, and some free additional services. Through this you can at 3 guided walks participate and at a Shipping on the Thames admire the London skyline. This also applies to that 48h and 72h ticket. In addition, there is a longer Thames on these two tickets Shipping included. At The Original Tours you don't have to switch between the 3 guided walks decide. With the 24h, 48h and 72h ticket you can go to all 3 walks take part. The walks usually last 90 minutes. Further information and the Starting points can be found under the following link *.
Through the Online booking You can get tickets from the provider up to 10% cheaper. When ordering a ticket you have to no date specify. You can get the tickets any within 6 months redeem. For that there is unfortunately no cancellation option.

  • 5 sightseeing lines plus feeder route
  • flexible ticket for 6 months
  • from 24h ticket 3 walks incl.
  • from 24h ticket Thames boat trip incl.
  • Audio channel and activity pack for children
  • no free cancellation option
  • no sightseeing pass offer

Price tip!The Original Tours offers both a cheap day ticket as well as complete packages with free walks and Thames shipping from the 24h ticket. To the difference to the others Hop-on hop-off bus tours can be accessed with 1 ticket all 3 walks take part. For families is the Audio guide for children another essential one Plus point compared to the competition. Especially with that 48h and 72h ticket you have enough time that extensive complete package to use extensively with the 3 walks.

Online order directly from the provider under the following link: The Original Tours *

At Golden Tours can you London With 4 sightseeing routes explore and still have the option of one Feeder route to use. The blue line brings you to the Attractions in the center and is with English Live commentary accompanied by a guide. With the other lines you get the as usual Information about the sights about the multilingual Audio guide, of course also in German. You get the audio guide headphones free on the bus.
An advantage of Golden Tours is the wide range of different ticket variations. Besides the usual 24 hours-, 48h and 72h ticket are a 1 day and a 3h ticket in program. With the 3h ticket * you will receive a easy city tour. You can use it once in the Hop-on Hop-off bus get in and then one on a route complete lap drive. The round takes about 3 hours on the redden and on the blue line. From the 24h ticket is a walk and a Thames shipping in the Price included. You can go for a guided walk two themed tours choose. In addition to the Hop-on hop-off bus tour many more Tourist Attractions want to visit, the London Pass is an interesting one Sightseeing package for her. In addition to the 1-day bus tour also free entry to about 80 London attractions.
With all of the ones mentioned so far Golden Tours tickets you have to do this when ordering online date for the use of the Specify bus tour. If you do not want that and you would like to flexible want to stay, there is the 24-hour ticket extra charge as open-dated Variant. In this case, you can purchase the ticket on a day of your choice within 3 months use after purchase. Unfortunately for all tickets no cancellation possible.

  • 4 sightseeing lines with a feeder route
  • a walk from a 24h ticket incl.
  • Thames boat trip from 24h ticket incl.
  • many ticket types on offer
  • Can be used with a Sightseeing Pass
  • no free cancellation option
  • short operating times
  • no audio channel for children
  • Tour date must be specified when ordering

If you only have one City tour are interested, please contact Golden Tours with the 3h ticket a cheap variant without hop-on hop-off option. With the other tickets you can, as usual, within a certain period of time Get on and off as often as you like. With the 24h, 48h and 72h ticket is a walk and a Thames shipping with it. Unfortunately for almost all tickets you have to pay during the Online order the Date of use specify. A free cancellation is not possible. That makes you pretty inflexible. Among the noteworthy negative points also count relatively short operating times in comparison to the others Bus tour provider. This could help a little, especially in the summer months run out of time.

All Hop-on Hop-off tickets can be obtained online directly from the provider under the following link: Golden Tours *