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Interview with a charlatan

Andreas Kalcker claims to have found a cheap and highly effective agent against Covid-19: chlorine dioxide. Many people with serious health problems have already paid for their belief in it. Kalcker is still allowed to hold seminars in Austria.

DATE November 2020 edition

A small hotel with a restaurant and seminar room in a village south of Vienna. The location is idyllic, there are game weeks, a pleasure brunch and a ›vitality practice‹ run by the two owners. But this weekend Andreas Kalcker is our guest. His evening lecture is called: ›Chlorine dioxide - miracle or poison? ‹This is followed by a four-day seminar in two weekend modules, costing around 1,400 euros per person.

›The seminars are aimed at all those who want to make everyday life easier by applying biophysical principles,‹ says the description. What it doesn't say: Kalcker is the central engine behind the belief that chlorine dioxide - an irritating substance that is actually used as bleach and industrial disinfectant - protects against corona and cures Covid-19.

President Trump proposed the means to the horror of doctors and health officials. Tens of thousands in South America are taking it, the injuries are increasing, authorities around the world prohibit sales and warn of chemical burns and serious health consequences. The man holding a seminar here this weekend is the root of this hype. If you google your name, a paid warning from the WHO appears first in certain regions: ›Don't drink chlorine dioxide. It does not prevent Covid. ‹

In the parking lot there are cars from all over Austria and one from Switzerland, Andreas Kalcker's current residence. A man promises us that he will ask Kalcker during the next seminar break if he has time for an interview. Police are not in sight.

We were made aware of the seminar by an Irish activist: Fiona O’Leary has been fighting Kalcker's methods for a decade. ›He's a criminal who has human lives on his conscience,‹ she says. Even the mother of three autistic children, she is not targeting Kalcker because of Covid, but because of his promise to treat autism.