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Duties and Taxes

I am only a temporary visitor to Germany

You still have to pay the import duties, but you may be able to get them reimbursed when you leave Germany. It depends on the individual details of your package.

I bought my goods online

The prices quoted on websites outside the EU often do not include duties for Germany. This means that these products appear cheaper than those from German or EU-based suppliers.

The shipment is a gift

Objects up to a value of EUR 45.00 that meet the following conditions can be imported duty-free:

  • The sender must be a private person and the shipment must be sent from one home address to another home address.
  • The gift must be sent free of charge and be of an "occasional nature".
  • The word "gift" must be mentioned on the air waybill and commercial invoice.
  • All items must be listed individually with their full description and value.

Please note that items containing alcohol or tobacco are subject to excise taxes. Items that contain food may require additional documents and may be subject to further tests, which in turn can lead to additional fees.

The shipment contains samples

Samples can be imported to Germany without customs and tax fees, as long as they meet the special conditions. Further information can be found on the homepage of German customs.