Why am I such a jealous friend

Why am I jealous of his new girlfriend?

Are you jealous of your boyfriend's new girlfriend and want to learn more about the real reasons why you are maddened to know he has a new one?

Why am I jealous of his new girlfriend?

No matter how a breakup goes after that, your feelings won't suddenly stop. A relationship is very intense and you invest a lot of energy, time and nerves.

Wherever you are passionate about it, there is an interaction. You love him and show him your love. He also shows you his love in his own way, if you could get rid of your jealousy now, your relationship would get even better.

This creates more and more of the connectedness that made up your relationship. Even an argument brought you closer together again because you both realized how important you are to each other and how you made it up again.

His new girlfriend - She's having all the good moments with him now and you're feeling bad

Two reasons why you are jealous of his new girlfriend:

  • You want him back
  • You are so hurt that you wish him bad
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The desire for a love comeback

After a breakup, many tend to ignore the bad experiences and look for the easiest way to overcome their loneliness.

Either they support themselves in single life or mourn their old relationship because anything would be better than being alone.

Of course, at this stage it is especially hard to see the ex boyfriend happy with someone else, because that destroys all daydreams and hopes. You will automatically get jealous of his new girlfriend because she's getting in the way of your relationship again.

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The desire for revenge

Your relationship ended up going very badly and you broke up.

  1. You feel miserable and he doesn't seem to care.
  2. While you are struggling to get your life and your thoughts under control again you will be replaced by a new one.
  3. You are not jealous of her, but of him because he is happy again and you think he doesn't deserve it.

All you can do is to be clear about your jealousy in order to prevent that you let it pull you down or do everything to win it back.

One thing is clear: Your jealousy of his new girlfriend is the final proof for you that you should now focus fully on yourself or that he means more to you than you want to admit.

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If you are jealous of your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend, it means that you have not yet fully broken up with your old relationship. You feel offended and hurt that a new woman is by his side and that you are alone. It's wasted time if you have any thoughts of revenge or blame yourself for what you did wrong.

Your jealousy does not get you any further and only keeps you stuck in the past, you are sabotaging yourself with it. You have to learn to accept that he has a new girlfriend and that you now have to take care of your own life. Mourning him or badmouthing his new girlfriend will not get you anywhere.

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