Is STDR tax-free

Why the income tax return for teachers is usually worthwhile


The costs for a study can only be deducted by employees who do not have their own workplace available at their place of work and who have set up a closed room at home as a study that is not also a living room, bedroom or guest room. The first condition is an exclusion criterion for many employees, but is met by most teachers because they do not have a study in the school. The main part of the office costs usually consists of the pro rata rent of the apartment or the pro rata depreciation of the property / condominium and the interest on borrowed capital. But additional costs such as garbage fees, heating, cleaning, chimney sweeps, etc. can also be passed on. The teacher can set a maximum of 1,250 euros per year for his office. The furnishing of the study is not subject to the upper limit, but can be deducted in full, even if the requirements for the use of the study are not met.


If the laptop costs less than 800 euros, it can be fully valued as a low-value asset in the year of purchase. More expensive notebooks are written off over 3 years. The tax office always recognizes a professional use of the laptop of 50% by teachers, which means that 50% of the acquisition costs can always be applied. You have to prove a higher proportion of professional use. This should often be difficult to represent in practice.

Travel expenses between home and workplace:

For every kilometer of distance from the apartment to the school, the teacher can charge € 0.30, and that for every day that he drives to school. 192 days are recognized for teachers without proof. If the school is to be visited on more than 192 days, it is advisable to document the working days in a list that can be presented to the tax office on request. If the apartment is 20 km away from the school and was visited 200 days a year, 200 x 20 km X 0.30 cents = € 1,200 travel costs are assumed.

Additional travel costs:

Were there any additional trips by private car? School trip, project days, internship visit, youth training, class excursion, advanced training, etc. In these cases, the teacher may set each km actually driven at 0.30 €, not just the distance. Create an Excel spreadsheet, enter trips, add up km: this will usually be sufficient evidence for the tax office.

Advanced training:

The course fees for professional training that you have paid yourself must also be stated as income-related expenses in the income tax return.

Work equipment:

Stationery, pads, books, teaching materials, office supplies, postage, laminator. Everything that the teacher needs in terms of work equipment for the exercise of his profession, he can use. Most tax offices usually recognize 110 euros without proof. However, experience has shown that teachers are usually higher with an individual list of their costs, so that it is worthwhile to collect receipts and record the costs in an Excel table.

Additional meal expenses:

If the professional activity is not carried out at school or at home (advanced training, class trip, etc.), the absence from home is longer than 8 hours and you have to provide yourself with food and drinks, you are allowed for every day Set € 12 as additional meal expenses. For business trips lasting several days, € 12 is charged for the day of arrival and departure and € 24 for the days in between.

Communication costs:

Teachers can be reached by phone, for students and parents, often even via cell phone, Whatsapp or email. Communication costs arise for every teacher. 20% of all communication costs (cell phone, internet, landline) are generally recognized as being job-related. One would have to prove a higher professional share here as well. The invoices do not necessarily have to be evaluated every 12 months. You can also add up three consecutive months and then multiply them by four.


The most difficult topic in the income tax return is sports clothing for sports teachers. Work clothing may only be indicated if private use of the clothing is excluded. Even if this is actually the case with a sports teacher, it can be difficult to prove. In some cases, the sportswear and the cleaning of the sportswear are also recognized without requiring proof of exclusively professional use. Even a lump sum cleaning of sportswear in the amount of e.g. 5 euros per month has already been recognized. However, there is no entitlement to this and if the tax office wants to have proof of the exclusively professional use, it will often be difficult for the teacher to prove exactly this.

Account management fees:

Account management fees are recognized at a flat rate of 16 euros per year. It must be possible to prove higher costs.