Is the thermos safe to use?

Thermos & insulated container

Who does not know it? You're on the go and the little ones are hungry. Insulated containers or thermos flasks are your practical companions on the go. They keep baby food warm or cold for several hours, regardless of whether you are at home, with a stroller or in the car.
Thermos flask, vacuum flask & Co

"Paul on board." It is similar on the rear windows of many cars. This sticker signals today's freedom of movement with our offspring. With an insulated container, a thermos or a vacuum flask, you can provide warm meals and drinks for your child when traveling. The content is safely stored in them. Transporting boiled water? In a vacuum flask with a leak-proof cap: no problem. So nothing stands in the way of a picnic with a baby in the zoo.

How do insulated containers actually work? What is the difference between a thermos flask and a stainless steel vacuum flask?

There are thermoses made of glass and vacuum flasks made of stainless steel. They work on the same principle. Inside they consist of two containers. There is a vacuum between the two, created by removing the air from this space. This creates an initial warming effect. Where there is no air, no heat can escape. In addition, the inner bottle container of a glass thermos is mirrored. This in turn creates a second warming effect. The heat radiation from the contents is reflected back. The disadvantage is: these glass bulbs are fragile.

A stainless steel vacuum flask has no mirrored inner walls and no glass. Nevertheless, the double-walled vacuum insulation achieves an equally excellent thermal effect. And if you choose a break-proof stainless steel variant, you are on the safe side. Because safety comes first, especially when dealing with small children.

What is the difference between the individual insulating containers?

A vacuum flask or thermos is more intended for warm or cold liquids. An insulated container (warming box) is used to store warm food such as baby food. With the wide filling opening you can easily fill in porridge and feed it directly from the warming box. Alternatively, you can of course also use the warming box for a warm meal for your lunch break in the office.

And how long does a vacuum flask or container keep the temperature?

It clearly depends on the temperature that is poured in. But the ambient temperature also plays a role. You can expect up to 24 hours. If the filling temperature of boiled water is 92 ° and the ambient temperature is 20 °, just under 40 ° can be expected after 24 hours.

Achieve the best cleaning results when cleaning thermos flasks & co!

Dishwasher - yes or no?

It is not recommended to clean a thermos / vacuum flask in the dishwasher. The risk of flash rust formation cannot be ruled out even with high-quality 18/8 stainless steel. Dishwasher tabs also contain a high concentration of several aggressive chemical substances. Too much of a good thing for a thorough cleaning of vacuum flasks. In addition, residues of these ingredients can stick even after using the dishwasher at high temperatures. And you certainly don't want your child to eat any scraps of it with their food.

How to properly clean the thermos and insulated container

Simply use normal washing-up liquid, a sturdy bottle brush, warm tap water or, depending on the degree of soiling, hot tap water and clean the thermos thoroughly inside and out. Rinse several times with clean water. Please do not use any solvents or abrasives. Then leave the vacuum flask open and upside down to dry. Tip: There are special drip racks for glass carafes. These ensure that the residual moisture can drip off, as the vessel hangs in the air and is open from below. You can find something like this e.g. B. in the wine trade. Also clean the cap with detergent and let it dry well separately. The lids of the color vacuum flasks can be dismantled into two parts to make it easier to clean.

And where can I find a small thermos for babies?

The company reer from the Swabian town of Leonberg offers especially small sizes. There are vacuum flasks and thermos flasks in different sizes (0.3-0.5-0.7). You can also choose between different colors: silver, black, blue, red, pacific, anthracite or berry.

In addition, you will find other insulated containers at reer, such as the warming box with anti-slip base and leak-proof closure. The outer double insulation ensures that the container does not get hot from the outside and your child cannot get scalded.

All vacuum flasks, thermos flasks and vacuum containers from reer are made of food-safe 18/8 stainless steel. This steel stands for a particularly high degree of purity.