Good things to say to yourself every day

Your child's life could change if you say these 8 things every day

Children. They're growing so fast and before we know it they're out in the real world. And we wonder if we've done enough to prepare her for what to expect!

The everyday things you say to your child can affect them in important ways. Photo: utkamandarinka, iStock, Thinkstock

Here are a few simple things you can add to your daily conversations with your child that will change how they think about themselves and other people:

Try it! Encourage your child to gain new experiences and learn to step out of their comfort zone. You may have to hold their hand first, but don't be afraid to let go and watch your child do it by themselves! There is a big, beautiful world out there and your child should take every opportunity to immerse themselves in it!

2 It's your decision. If you give your child the opportunity to make decisions early in life, they will gain confidence from them. Knowing that they have the freedom to choose, and your support all along, is priceless.

3 You are safe and loved. It may seem strange to say this sentence, but it is imperative to let your child know that they are safe with you. It is an important concern of parents to make sure that their child is safe and happy. Verbalizing this will show him how valued and safe it is.

4 You make me happy. Children make you infinitely happy, but sometimes they can also be a headache. We tend to only speak out when we want them to be quiet, or to sit down, or to go to bed. Instead, make it a point to let your child know how happy they make you and that you cannot imagine life without them.

Reading tip!

5 I trust you and I believe in you. Your child will never grow out of needing your consent. So start early and don't stop! This does not mean that you should allow them anything, but that you encourage them when they make good decisions and be open to discussing different options with them. Your words can build it up or pull it down and either way your child will one day grow up and find their place in the world. Don't you want to be the person who gave him his wings?

6 Have a great day and don't forget who you are. Your child struggles to find their identity every day and it happens faster than you think. In the fast-paced world we live in, it seems like the emotional teenage years begin at ten! It's never too early to help your child build their identity and figure out what values ​​to adhere to. Remembering who it is and how special and important it is before it leaves the house - that's just the icing on the cake!

7 Mistakes happen. Like everyone else, children make mistakes. But when you're young, even the smallest of them often seem important to you. Instead of getting upset about your child's mistakes or not taking them seriously, it is much more productive to teach your child that mistakes happen and how to deal with them. Perhaps you will even have an opportunity to show him how to deal with a mistake in your own life!

8 I love you. Because those three words just have to be on this list, right?