Should McDonalds have more choices for vegetarians

McDonalds will offer more vegetarian food from 2021

Vegetarian and vegan products are becoming increasingly popular. The fast food company McDonalds therefore wants to expand its range in the coming year. But not only that is planned in the future.

The US fast food giant McDonalds is reacting to the social trend towards more sustainability and animal welfare and wants to offer more vegetarian food from next year. The group has announced that its own new product line will be launched next year in "selected markets" with the McPlant burger. In addition, the group wants to focus more on chicken instead of beef in the future.

Vegetable substitute with its own recipe

According to an investor conference, plant-based substitutes for chicken dishes such as the popular Chicken McNuggets or the breakfast burger McMuffin with egg and bacon are also planned. The meat substitute with its own recipe is to be produced exclusively for McDonalds - a challenge to producers such as Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger. Beyond Meat's price on Wall Street fell 25 percent in after-hours trading.

So far, McDonalds has made around 70 percent of its sales with meat burgers and French fries. The demand for the familiar is "more important than ever, especially in these uncertain times" - the classics will therefore continue to make a "strong" contribution to growth, "thanks to their popularity and profitability," explains the group. But: The new vegetarian product group is an "exciting" opportunity, explains manager Ian Borden, who is responsible for international business.

Expand online business further

McDonalds also wants to focus more on online business: the construction of further drive-ins, fast lanes - i.e. fast lanes - for customers who have pre-ordered online, as well as a customer loyalty program are planned. During the Corona crisis, McDonalds had good experiences with drive-ins and deliveries to your doorstep ordered online.

In the third quarter, sales fell by only two percent, as the group announced. In the second quarter, the minus was still 30 percent. The net profit in the third quarter rose by ten percent to 1.76 billion dollars (1.49 billion euros).

McDonalds has had a vegetarian burger for many years, the veggie burger, which has been replaced by a vegan burger since spring 2019. Other fast food chains such as Burger King or Subway have long since offered vegetarian substitute products.