Abandoned houses are always haunted

The most beautiful lost places in NRW

Last update: April 14, 2020

Lost places, i.e. abandoned and vacant buildings, exert a very special fascination: They are walk-in stories, tell human fates with exciting traces - and are particularly popular as unique photo backdrops from picturesque elegance to ailing charm. Especially in the former industrial stronghold of North Rhine-Westphalia there are numerous such abandoned storytellers. We have put together the most interesting lost places in NRW for you. But be careful: most of these lost places are not allowed to be entered without a special permit.

1. The elegant: abandoned villas

Villa Amalia, Wuppertal

Let's start our tour to the most beautiful lost places in North Rhine-Westphalia with an elegant highlight: The Villa Amalia, also as a Woodstock mansion known, in Wuppertal. The town villa, built in 1883, owes its nickname to the well-preserved piano inside on whichWoodstock, Canada stands. For a long time it was used as a care facility. The rampant one is wonderfully suitable for photos Garden with a fountainthat still seems to tell of the splendor of past garden festivals. It continues splendidly in the opulent interiors:Precious marble, expensive wood paneling and splendid wallpaper were probably just good enough for the builders. Perhaps the most luxurious lost place in NRW!

Directions & parking
In 2017 the beautiful villa was bought by Landmarken AG and is no longer one of the lost places in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is currently being completely renovated and will be rented to office users in the future. You can of course still admire the building from the outside: Just follow the A46 to Wuppertal and take the Wuppertal-Eberfeld exit. You can park for free at the villa address Brillerstraße 117.

Villa Oppenheim, Cologne

Horror fans will get their money's worth at the next Lost Places in North Rhine-Westphalia: Villa Oppenheim in Cologne, also known as Haus Fühlingen, is home to several sad fates and Ghost stories. In the meanwhile very dilapidated and by no means safe estate, the ghost of an executed forced laborer is said to haunt - in the ironic company of the later host's ghost of a Nazi judge who hanged himself here. Rumors say that desperate suicides have followed his example again and again since the vacancy rate. Brrrrr - cold showers are guaranteed at this Lost Place in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Directions & parking
Fühlingen is located in the north of Cologne, just take the exit of the same name. There is always a free parking space in front of the estate in Neusser Landstrasse, but this Lost Place can only be viewed from the outside. The area is strictly guarded by the police. But never mind: the outdoor area already gives you goose bumps.

Krupp villas, Duisburg

One of the most spectacular lost places in North Rhine-Westphalia because it is well preserved is undoubtedly thatformer steel works of the Krupp family in Duisburg-Rheinhausen. The partially abandoned mansions of the senior employees form a whole colony of ghost mansions, their highlight was the one built in the 1950s Factory director's villa: For years, visitors were able to immerse themselves deeply in the industrialist's privacy in the perfectly preserved interior. Complete furniture, knick-knacks and even withered flowers in crystal vases testified to the noble taste, and easy-to-read private papers were also found - the most personal of all lost places in North Rhine-Westphalia. The director’s former villa is now known as Event location used and is known to Duisburg party-goers under the name Villa Rheinperle.

The renovated Lost Place Villa Rheinperle is located at Villenstrasse 2 in 47229 Duisburg and can be booked for events. The other buildings can only be viewed from the outside.

Villa Sohl, Düsseldorf

The last villa among our Lost Places in North Rhine-Westphalia is definitely a place with an indescribable atmosphere. We're talking about the Villa Sohl in Düsseldorf, which was built in the 1960s - by none other than the former Thyssen boss. Hans-Günther Sohl has invested a lot of time, passion and money (approx. 1.5 million marks) in his former city villa. The insanely large garden with pool, a swimming pool in the basement and the four open chimneys on the ground floor are still evidence of this today.

The attraction of the house is, however, far below the ground: For fear of a nuclear attack, the former director general has one Protective bunker had it built into the basement, which still exists today. Similar to many other lost places in North Rhine-Westphalia, there are rumors that the Villa Sohl will be demolished in the foreseeable future. There is still nothing to be seen of such work.

The Villa Sohl is located on the B7 in the Düsseldorf district of Ludenberg Am Gartenkamp 12. The garden property is intended as a park for the public and can therefore be entered. The doors and windows are locked, however, and access to the house is therefore officially prohibited.

2. Factories: the giants of the lost places in North Rhine-Westphalia

Rasspe-Werke, Solingen

Are you looking for decaying industrial romance? Then you have come to the right place in the former Rasspe works in Solingen. This opened in 1827 as a factory for boot irons, today the magnificent main building of the beautiful brick complex is a listed building. Bankruptcy had to be filed as early as 1999, since then, the distillery and warehouses have gradually decayed - but in the meantime they are attractively overgrown by flowering plants such as buddleia. You can be sure of great photos on the site - one of the most romantic lost paces in North Rhine-Westphalia. The interest association's website provides very interesting information about the history and, above all, new plans to preserve it.

© Business Development Solingen GmbH & Co. KG

Directions & parking
The former factory is located in Solingen between the streets Peter-Rasspe-Straße and Stöcken, where you can also park your rental car. Unfortunately, a large part of the site will have to give way to a new business park in 2020. From April, parts of this lost place will be demolished. Only a few listed buildings on Stöcken street will be preserved.

Old colliery customs and coking plant Hansa, Dortmund

The stars of industrial romanticism among the lost places in NRW are of course the many old mines. Where miners once worked underground, the former coal mining systems are now often worth seeing monuments. In Dortmund there are two of them in close proximity: the old Zollern colliery is considered a showpiece, but the tour of the daytime facilities tells of tough workers' stories. On the site of the Former Hansa coking plant, night tours with a panoramic view from the coal tower are even offered. The shadows and sounds of the old machines bring old times to life.

© Foundation for the preservation of industrial monuments and culture of history / Klaus-Peter Schneider, 2014

3. Real thrill: empty facilities

Royal Air Force military area, Moenchengladbach

Of course, not all Lost Places in NRW are freely accessible. Sometimes it takes courage to simply enter the building on a journey through time and looking for a motif. In addition, there is a certain queasy feeling when the brave ones suddenly find themselves in a former hospital. You can get exactly this thrill on the old one Royal Air Force military area in Moenchengladbach experience. In addition to the somewhat preserved clinic, the huge site also offers barracks, a canteen and even a small power station. The soldiers left decades ago, but you can still trace the life of the barracks at this Lost Place in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Directions & parking
The abandoned English military compound is on Whittingham Crescent, a British-sounding street. It is largely cordoned off, officially not allowed to be entered and is strictly guarded by security personnel.

4. A whole empty village

Schlägel & Eisen, Gladbeck

We actually know ghost towns from American western films - but they are also found under the Lost Places in North Rhine-Westphalia. But if you want to discover the ghostly places, you usually have to be quick because sooner or later they will be completely torn down. For example, this is what happened to this place:

The Schlägel & Eisen workers' settlement near Gladbeck was built as a classic mining settlement at the beginning of the last century. The pretty apartment buildings stood empty for a few years. The reason here was not a colliery closure, but the sale of the area to a real estate company. For a long time it did nothing and Urbexers were able to roam through deserted residential streets, overgrown parks and vacant apartments. You felt a bit like the last person on earth in this lonely of the lost places in North Rhine-Westphalia. After the demolition, 120 new apartments and a nursing home are to be built.

Directions & parking
If you want to see how the construction work is going: The Gladbeck-Zweckel exit takes you to the right part of the city, the former settlement began at Schlägelstraße 10, you can also park here. And then a typical Ruhrpott currywurst with snack gossip is just the thing: ideally with the popular Curry Heinz!

Immerath, Erkelenz

It could be the same Village of Immerath in Erkelenz in Rhineland. Due to the high occurrence of lignite, the idyllic place had to give way to the opencast mine. The residents are gradually forcibly relocated, almost all apartment buildings are already empty. The sad high point in 2018: the listed cathedral was torn down to the ground, despite demonstrations and a petition. If you stroll through the village today, you will feel in the streets of this Lost Place in North Rhine-Westphalia as if you were in an end-of-time film. Particularly impressive: That is now completely empty greenhouse.

Directions & parking
Since even the A61, which leads to Immerath, has to give way to lignite mining, you have to choose the route via the country road. Coming from Cologne, leave the motorway at the Jackerath triangle and drive over Kasterstraße and Jackeratherstraße to Immenrath. There is enough parking space here.

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