What is crease or flaw

Attention, wrinkles! Three beauty flaws

We all have a high-quality eye cream that supplies our thin skin around the eyes with nutrients and moisture. However, anyone who thinks that this is the end of the anti-aging issue in this story game has rejoiced too soon.

“Our skin is particularly sensitive around the eyes. We therefore have to be careful when using products, ”explains New York dermatologist Jessica Weiser. You should absolutely avoid the following errors:

1st fault: Too strong rubbing when removing make-up

Eye care should be as gentle as possible. We have to keep this in mind, especially when removing make-up. When we try to remove stubborn make-up, we quickly get into the ruthless rub-off mode.

Better: First, gently press a cotton ball soaked in cleansing lotion onto your eyes for ten seconds to loosen the make-up. Then lightly stroke the lid and lashes to remove it.

2. Mistake: patting eye cream in too hard

When applying lotion, the following applies: As little pressure as possible! Gently pat or massage in your eye cream. The best way to do this is to use your ring finger. They exert the least pressure because we use them the least.

3. Mistake: Pull the eyelid too far to the side when drawing the eyeliner

The eyeliner has to fit, come what may. But please only if the eyelid does not suffer too much. Make sure you pull the skin to the side only very gently - otherwise it will be stretched unnecessarily. Also, do not apply too much pressure with the pen. This works best with a liquid eyeliner.

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