IFTTT is available for Android

Android: Automate functions via the IFTTT app

With the IFTTT recipes, smartphone users can automate their cell phones
Image: ifttt.com Smartphones are practical everyday companions. However, not everything always works as smartly as the user would sometimes like it to be. The fine-tuning of settings in particular is often severely restricted. With the free IF app, Android users can define more or less practical if-then functions for their smartphones. For example, it can be set so that the mobile phone is automatically switched to mute at bedtime.

This is how you can use IFTTT on your smartphone

Before you can start automating your smartphone, you must first register for free on ifttt.com and download the app. The application runs on all Android phones from version 4.0.3. Once installed and logged in, the user has access to hundreds of so-called IFTTT recipes. These can easily be added and personalized via the app. A personal hit list:

Save battery: WiFi is deactivated when you leave the apartment

Probably one of the most useful IFTTT recipes has to do with using WiFi and saving batteries. With the command chain "302237", the WiFi is automatically deactivated when leaving the apartment and thus the cell phone battery is saved. To the recipe.

Save mobile data: Wifi is activated when you enter the apartment

With the IFTTT recipes, smartphone users can automate their cell phones
Image: ifttt.com Another recipe combines the wifi function and the "at home" location. If the user enters his own four walls, the wifi is automatically switched on and thus ensures savings in mobile data traffic. In combination with the first recipe, it gives the user almost optimal data and energy efficiency. Small penalty: However, the battery-hungry GPS must be active in order to be able to use the function. To the recipe.

In the event of a missed call: The vibration alarm is activated

Places can often be specified directly using Google Maps
Image: teltarif If you have switched your mobile phone to silent and thereby missed a call, you will probably not notice it a second time. With the command chain "235350", the smartphone is automatically set to the vibration alarm if the first call was not noticed in silent mode. To the recipe.

Battery almost empty - mobile phone starts singing "Stay with me"

As soon as the battery is running low, an annoying warning tone sounds in most cases. With this recipe, the well-known song "Stay with me" sounds instead - but only if it is already on the mobile phone. To the recipe.

Activate the ringtone as soon as the user leaves his workstation

In order not to be surprised by an embarrassing ringtone during a business meeting, most users put their cell phones on silent from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. As a matter of routine, users have to manually switch their ringtones on again after work. With this recipe, users save themselves the change: as soon as the user leaves their workplace - or the stored geo-coordinates - the app activates the ringtone without any action. To the recipe.

As soon as the user enters his mother's house, the "I love my mother" background image appears automatically

Often it is the little things that bring great joy. With this recipe, the background image automatically changes to "I love My Mom" ​​as soon as the user enters his mother's property. To the recipe.

Deactivate ringtones as soon as the user goes to bed

Turn off the ringtone mode overnight
Image: teltarif Wake up: To be woken up by a call in the middle of the night is an experience nobody would like to have. Thanks to the "164694" recipe, the mobile phone is automatically muted as soon as the user lies down to sleep. The user simply sets the time at which he usually goes to sleep. Unfortunately, the ringtone has to be switched on again manually after waking up. To the recipe.

Musical gift: "In da Club" is played for the user on his birthday

A small birthday present for all 50-cent fans: the rap song "In da Club" by the well-known US rapper will be played at 00:01 on the occasion of his own birthday. To the recipe.

Create your own IFTTT recipes.

It is advisable to create your own recipes directly on this subpage of IFTTT. The user defines two components: the trigger and the actual event. First, a requirement is defined under which a certain event should start. In our example, we decided to use the "severely depleted battery" trigger. The user then chooses from countless modules which result will take effect in this case. Here we have decided on the "Playing a piece of music" event. The recipe can then be published and used.

IFTTT for Apple users

There is also a separate IF app available for download for the iPhone and iPad, which can be filled with recipes. The developers have also put together a selection of useful recipes in an iOS collection.

Have you already created your own IFTTT recipes or do you have recommendations? Feel free to tell us your favorite "IFTTT's" in the comments.