How can I extract ephedrine from Parasetamol

What's in it in speed?

Speed ​​usually contains various stimulating substances and wastes. The proportion of amphetamine can fluctuate extremely. The purity content is between 10 and 80 percent, but in individual cases it can also be lower or higher. Samples of seized speed contain amphetamine, methamphetamine, ephedrine, caffeine and pain relievers such as paracetamol or acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin®) found. In general, the white to yellowish powder does not show how much of it is in it. The most important substances can be briefly characterized as follows:

amphetamine is a synthetically (artificially) produced substance that has an activating effect on the central nervous system. Fatigue is completely suppressed, performance and the ability to concentrate increase and there is no sign of hunger.

Methamphetamine is another synthetic variant that is even more stimulating than amphetamine. In addition, the effect can last much longer, sometimes up to 16 hours. In the illegal market, speed with a high methamphetamine content is also known as crystal, crystal meth, crystal speed or ice.

Ephedrine is a stimulating substance, which is obtained from the sea bark - an herbaceous plant - among other things. It has a much milder effect than amphetamine.

caffeine after all, is known as an active ingredient in coffee. It's the weakest stimulant substance in speed.

Waste materials at best don't work at all. Above all, they increase the dealers' profit margin. As admixtures, the by-products can pose a considerable additional hazard, especially when speed is injected.