What were the earliest rides in the world

Amusement ride

In this fairground ride, visitors take a gondola to the top of a tower. Then they fall down with the gondola.

A ride is an attraction at a fair or in an amusement park, something that attracts many people there. These attractions are designed to give visitors as much fun as possible. Well-known rides are roller coasters, carousels, ferris wheels or large swings where the passengers are whirled wildly through the air.

As early as the 19th century, the first forerunners of today's amusement rides appeared at some fairs. Those were mainly carousels. However, these were still operated with muscle power or steam engines and were rather simple.

Show stalls were also popular rides back then. These were booths in which the showmen presented unusual things to the visitors: puppet shows, exotic animals, magicians, funny plays or small circus acts. With the invention of film, there were also stalls where you could watch short films. Then it was like a small cinema. Silent films were shown, i.e. films without sound. That is why the showmen played suitable music during the performance and spoke the necessary text.

Today the rides are getting bigger and more impressive. Modern technology makes it possible. Sometimes you can also find similar show booths as in the past. These then offer the special experience of feeling like in the past.

The rides at a fair can be transported. This means that they were built in such a way that they can be set up before the fair and then dismantled again. Cranes are required for large rides. To get them from one place to another, they are packed onto one or more trucks. Amusement parks usually have rides that are permanently set up there. They cannot be transported. As a result, however, they can be particularly complex, as you do not have to restrict yourself for transport.

  • This Ferris wheel can be dismantled and taken with you.

  • The world's largest flume that can be transported is being built here. For the transport you need more than 60 wagons, which are transported by rail.

  • In the past, there were often show booths at fairs in which, for example, special animals were shown.

  • Carousels are still a popular ride. They have been around for more than a hundred years and in many forms.

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