Why does Amazon have two prices

One product - many prices. The Germany boss of online mail order Amazon, Ralf Kleber, has admitted that customers pay different prices for some of the Amazon products: "If we have the feeling that a new market price is developing for the customer, and that can happen several times for some products being in the day, we react to it, "said Ralf Kleber of Rheinische Post.

The SWR magazine Market check had reported on the dynamic pricing of Amazon and other online retailers. Many Internet retailers feed customer characteristics, competitive behavior and other factors such as the weather into an algorithm that shows customers different prices for certain products several times a day. For example, the price of a digital camera on Amazon changed 275 times within three days, and an iPhone there was more than 100 euros cheaper within an hour.

The consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia had already warned last year about prices that change "misleading as if by magic". Amazon boss Kleber has now confirmed this approach: "Prices go up and down - but we tell the customer."

Do Apple Customers Pay More?

At the same time, however, Kleber had one Market check-Research back, according to which Amazon customers would see a higher price who shop with an Apple device. That is "absolute rubbish". "There are no different prices for the same product on different devices," he said. Fifteen years ago, Amazon made film prices dependent on the customer's browser. A film became more or less expensive depending on whether customers accessed the site from a Netscape browser or Internet Explorer.

To avoid fluctuations, it helps to compare prices on different portals and at different times of the day. You should also remove cookies regularly - or use cookie blockers and software such as "Do Not Track" (function for Firefox) so that retailers cannot access the information.