Can I edit videos in Ubuntu?

This page provides an overview of software for creating, editing and processing video material.

Video editing¶

Since there are now a large number of programs that all have different functions - from a simple video editing tool for holiday films to professional studio software - here is a small comparison.

Background information on the topic is provided in the article Basics of video editing, pure conversion programs can be found under Converting video files.

program function difficulty features Formats language
Avidemux Cutting and converting videos easy Cut, convert, effects / filters, add audio tracks, job list, scripts AVI, MPEG, MP4, MKV, OGM, ASF 🇩🇪
Blender Audio / video editing medium Editing videos with multiple tracks all common 🇬🇧
Cinelerra-GG Professional video editing software difficult Capturing, compositing, editing of audio and video data all common 🇩🇪
DaVinci Resolve Professional audio / video editing difficult Video editing, color grading, visual effects and audio post production in 8K all common (+ H.264 and RAW) 🇩🇪
flowblade non-linear editing program with a wide range of functions medium Cutting, composing, filtering, rendering all common 🇩🇪
movie theater Record and edit videos from the camcorder easy Editing, effects, recording DV via FireWire, other formats can be imported 🇩🇪
Kdenlive Powerful video editing program that is easy to use easy Lots of audio / video effects and transitions, video recording, merging pictures as a slide show, DVD export all common (ffmpeg) 🇩🇪
Lightworks Professional video editing software difficult Capturing, compositing, editing of audio and video data all common 🇬🇧
LiVES Easy audio / video editing medium Cutting including effects all common (mencoder) 🇬🇧
Baking soda Video compositing tool difficult visual 3D effects all common 🇬🇧
OpenShot Easily edit videos very easy Editing, effects, transitions all common (ffmpeg) 🇩🇪
PiTiVi Extremely simple video editing, no unnecessary functions very easy Import and cut clips all common (gstreamer) 🇩🇪
Shotcut good features also 4K material medium to difficult in the package sources, looks professional, German instructions for introduction all common (ffmpeg) 🇬🇧 🇩🇪


Avidemux can safely be called the Linux answer to VirtualDub 🇬🇧. Although it can't do everything VirtualDub can, it also has many unique functions that its Windows counterpart lacks. Avidemux can be used to load, cut and save digital video files in almost any format. In particular, files in AVI, MPEG-1 and -2 as well as OGM format can be read and written. A wide range of video codecs and audio codecs as well as a wide range of scripting options complete the range of functions. Avidemux has a graphical user interface, but can also work with scripts on the command line. In addition, a "job management" is integrated in order to save tasks in a list for later processing. The audio track can be output separately and read in again. Filters enable effects of the video.


Blender 3D is an open source 3D modeling and animation program, but it also includes a video editor with support for many formats and basic effects. The program is more stable than many of the other open source video editors.


Cinelerra-GG Infinity is a free, non-linear video editing program for the GNU / Linux operating system. The three main functions of the software are capturing, compositing and editing of audio and video data. Cinelerra-GG Infinity is extremely powerful and, due to its complexity, is more recommendable for ambitious users, because professional background knowledge and solid training are required to operate.

DaVinci Resolve¶

DaVinci Resolve 🇩🇪 combines comprehensive non-linear video editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production in 8K at professional level in one software. The software is available as a free version, with additional functions it is chargeable. It is geared towards collaboration between several users and is a high-end post-production tool. DaVinci Resolve is proprietary.


flowblade 🇬🇧 is a non-linear video editing program that includes audio and video filters, cross-fades and image composition. It is very easy to use (video tutorial 🇬🇧). All common video and image formats are supported. Flowblade can be installed through Ubuntu software.

Movie theater¶

Kino is a simple video editor for GNU / Linux that also offers the option of recording videos from the camcorder directly in the program. The films edited on the computer can then be burned to DVD or played back on the camcorder.


Kdenlive is a simple, non-linear video editing program for GNU / Linux. You can edit multiple tracks and audio tracks and add audio and video effects and transitions. Images can also be put together to form a slide show. The video clips can also be easily cut, and the finished projects can be exported to various formats such as Flash, Quicktime, Mpeg4 or as DVD thanks to FFmpeg. Title and menu structure for export as DVD are possible.


Lightworks 🇬🇧 is a non-linear video editing program that is used for editing and mastering of cinema films in 2K and 4K as well as for television productions in PAL, NTSC and HD in 2D and 3D. Lightworks is proprietary, has a wide range of functions 🇬🇧 with professional analysis and editing tools and can be used free of charge for video films that are to be exported up to a format of 720p (HDready, e.g. for YouTube). The Pro version 🇬🇧 can also be obtained for additional functions.


LIVES (Linux V.ideo E.diting S.ystem) is a video editing program for Linux. The software is under the GNU General Public License and is available for various Linux derivatives.

Baking soda¶

Natron 🇬🇧 is an open source video compositing tool for creating 3D effects in connection with real recordings (green screen, motion tracking etc.). The software package comes with a large number of its own (open source) plugins, but it can also integrate commercial plugins.


OpenShot is a non-linear video editing program that is easy to use. The editor integrates very well into Gnome (drag & drop is supported). Titles and texts can be integrated as SVG graphics. There are a variety of digital effects and transitions. Among other things, the blue screen technology is also supported.


PiTiVi, short for "Powerful Tool for Video", is an early development application for video editing that uses the free GStreamer multimedia framework. This means that all video formats that are supported by GStreamer can be read or written, but primarily the free Ogg format should be promoted.

Terminal applications¶


Melt is the command line tool for the MLT Multimedia Framework, which is the basis for editing programs such as Shotcut, kdenlive and Openshot. With Melt, simple cuts can be made on the command line for test purposes.


The OggVideoTools are a collection of small programs for the command line to create and edit exclusively OGG video files, i.e. videos that use the OGG container and the Theora codec. With some of these tools, Ogg / Vorbis coded audio files (extension * .ogg or * .oga) can also be processed quickly on the command line.

See also converting video files¶

FFmpeg is primarily used to record, convert, stream and play digital video and audio material, but it also offers rudimentary functions for editing, such as cutting, audio mapping, etc. The same applies to the Mplayer / Mencoder tools - see also convert video files

DVB transport streams¶

Transport streams or TS files are obtained when audio and video data are recorded by DVB devices or software. Instructions for archiving these transport streams can be found under Archiving TS data. Here is an overview of the available programs:

program function difficulty features Formats language
Avidemux Cut and Convert easy Cut, convert, effects / filters, add audio tracks, job list, scripts AVI, MPEG, MPEG2 TS, ASF 🇩🇪
dvgrab Read out of DV tapes and save as AVI video Command line Read out via FireWire (IEEE 1394), split into several files dv 🇬🇧
DVBcut Reading and cutting of MPEG2 streams (DVB) medium MPEG2 TS 🇬🇧
movie theater Record and edit videos from the camcorder easy Editing, effects, recording DV over FireWire 🇩🇪
ProjectX Extract and cut videos from MPEG2 transport streams (e.g. to create a DVD from VDR TV recordings) difficult Check data streams for errors and synchronize them MPEG2 TS, Packet Video Audio, MPEG PS, VDR, PES Raw Streams, ES Streams 🇩🇪


dvgrab, which is currently being maintained by the cinema developers, is a command line program that can be used to read out DV tapes and, for example, save them as AVI files.


With DVBcut you can select parts of an MPEG-2 stream (DVB format) and save them as a normal MPEG-2 file. Since there is no recoding, DVBcut can be used to archive the TV programs recorded via DVB on DVD.


ProjectX is software for cutting and separating (demultiplexing) an MPEG-2 transport stream into its components (video, audio and other data). The software is based on Java and is therefore theoretically platform-independent, i.e. it is also available under Windows and Mac OS X (but only as source code).


Title with 3D effects¶

If you also want to add titles with 3D effects, this is comparatively easy with OpenShot in conjunction with Blender 3D.

Change metadata¶

While metadata can be changed via the Exif data for images, this does not work for video files. Changes can be made here with touch.


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