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The guy ghost is one of the 18 Pokémon types and has existed since the first generation of the game. In the trading card game he is represented by the psycho type.

There are 55 different known Ghost Pokémon, three of which can Mega Evolve, one can perform Gigantamax, one Ultra Beast, five Legendary and two Mysterious Pokémon. There are also 29 attacks of the type, almost all of which are physical or status attacks. The type-specific Z-attack of the ghost type is called Eternal Night and is triggered by Phantomium Z. The ghost Dynamax attack is called Dyna-Spuk.

The most famous ghost trainers include Agathe, Antonia, Anissa and Lola who hold the position of top four members in Kanto, Hoenn, Einall and Alola. Lola is also a captain on Ula-Ula. The ghost trainers Jens, Lamina and Nio also hold the office of arena manager in Johto, Sinnoh and Galar.

Ghost-type Pokémon

55 different Pokémon are known that belong to the ghost type in at least one form. Of these, 14 are pure ghost Pokémon, 19 have the ghost type as the first type and 23 Pokémon as the second type. After the ice-cream type, the ghost type is the type to which the second fewest Pokémon belong.

The first generation introduced three Ghost Pokémon, one in the second, six in the third, and eight in the fourth, almost doubling the number of Ghost Pokémon. Nine new ghost Pokémon have been implemented in the fifth generation and eight in the sixth generation. Ten completely new Pokémon of the type are known from the seventh generation, and Knogga now also has the ghost type in its regional form. Nine new Ghost Pokémon are known from the eighth generation.

With Mega-Gengar, Mega-Zobiris and Mega-Banette, there are three different mega developments that belong to the ghost type. A Ghost Pokémon is able to acquire a Gigantamax form, Gigantamax Gengar. In addition, there are five legendary Pokémon with Giratina, Lunala, Necrozma (morning swing), Phantoross and Coronospa (black rider), two mysterious Pokémon with Hoopa and Marshadow and an ultra beast of the type with Kopplosio.

List of Ghost Pokémon

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Below is a complete list of all known ghost Pokémon. To compare the base values, we recommend the ghost Pokémon ranking.

  1. The various forms of Giratina are both spirit and dragon types.
  2. The various forms of Durengard are both steel and spirit types.
  3. The various forms of Irrbis are all of the spirit and plant types.
  4. The various forms of pumpdjinn are all of the spirit and plant types.
  5. The various forms of mimigma are both spirit and fairy types.
  6. In the 4th generation, the various forms of Rotom were all of the types Elektro and Geist.

Type combinations

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Ghost Pokémon have type combinations with 15 other types, the normal and rock types remain uncombined. In the case of the former two, this is probably explained by the contrast that the types represent.

No combination is conspicuously common; In return, the ghost type has the peculiarity that almost every development series has a unique type combination and combinations in more than two development series rarely appear.

The table does not take into account different orders of the types. The number on the dark background corresponds to the number of monotype Pokémon.


Ghost Pokémon are based on the eponymous ghosts, immaterial beings, which are often related to death or the afterlife. The belief in ghosts is very old and has therefore taken a variety of forms, some of which are reflected in the design of ghost Pokémon.

Many ghost Pokémon represent the soul of a deceased Pokémon or human. They appear in a pure, unbound form (such as Nebulak, Traunmagil or Twisted Light), but many are also bound to objects (such as Laternecto, Driftlon, Sankabuh or Durengard). Rotom, which is on a poltergeist based, represents this concept very graphically in that it can slip into electrical devices and occupy them.

Ghost Pokémon like Akhenatoll, which represents a sarcophagus, Ninjatom, which represents the dead skin of a beetle, or Giratina, which is on the devil could be based on, are related to death. Knogga in its regional form or Buyo-Choreogel are not dead themselves, but have close connections to deceased souls.

Ghost-type attacks

In the seventh generation, there are 29 different mind-type attacks, thirteen of which are physical, seven are status attacks, and six are special attacks. Before the 4th generation of the attack system changed, all direct damage attacks of this type were purely physical.

In the first generation three ghost attacks were introduced, in the second five, in the third three, in the fourth four, in the fifth one and in the sixth two. In the seventh generation, eight attacks were added, including four Z attacks. These are, on the one hand, the type-specific Z-attack Eternal Night, which is triggered by the use of Phantomium Z, as well as the Pokémon-specific Z-attacks Shadow-Arrow-Rain by Silvarro, Concentrated Moon Laser by Lunala and Necrozma and the Constellation of the Stealing of Souls by Marshadow. In the eighth generation, three new ghost attacks were added, the type-specific Dynamax attack Dyna-Spuk and Gigadynamax-GengarsGigadynamax-AttackeGiga-Spuksperre

Golbit using Dark Fist
Lichtel using the haunted ball
Traunmagil when using Konfuststrahl