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Beacons of Hope: Lighthouse projects for the future of our diet

Change is taking place

For the other major challenge - cross-border migration and moving to the cities, driven by a lack of future prospects, income and jobs - it is important to set incentives through more attractive agricultural models such as agroecology. Most “Beacons of Hope” see a great opportunity in increasing health awareness among consumers. The trend towards healthy eating is not only a strong driver of transformation in the global north, but increasingly also in the urban centers of the global south. Last but not least, the key role of the private sector and the creation of a favorable framework for sustainable food systems must also be emphasized.

One of the main conclusions, if one considers the real, including the ecological and social costs, is: healthy food is not too expensive - food that is not produced sustainably is too cheap, it does not cover all the costs incurred. Examples such as EOSTA show how private-sector initiatives strive for true costs and can give their consumers a fair choice by including the ecological and social costs.

The selected "Beacons of Hope" highlight key elements of the change to sustainable food systems and clearly show that change is already taking place around the world. Farmers, consumers, organizations, governments, companies, financiers and investors facilitate the transformation of food systems in different contexts and regions.

We are inspired by your individual and joint efforts and achievements; we want to tell your stories, learn from you, replicate your approaches and thus manage the change of course towards a sustainable nutritional system together.