How do I get good at Tekken

Tekken 7 - How to Play Like a Pro

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We have summarized the most important aspects for your success in Tekken 7.
What distinguishes Tekken and generally 3D fighters from 2D fighters is of course the third dimension. But there is a lot more that you have to consider in Tekken. We have compiled the most important aspects for you, which you can gradually incorporate into your gameplay in order to become a Tekken professional.
This includes a few things, but positioning yourself correctly is the beginning before the first punch is hit. So you can put yourself on an optimal range where you feel comfortable with your character. On the defensive, too, it is important to get out of the pressure with the right movement.
One technique for this is the Korean Backdash, which is a type of Wavedash, as it is used to break off dashes in order to get to the next dash. For starters, you can simply cancel the dash by crouching to get a feeling that you are losing less momentum.
So if you stand correctly and thus get the opponent to press buttons that go nowhere or whistle, you should have an attack ready that is fast and has a long range to punish him for it and force him on the defensive .
Many attacks are very strong (good range, not punishable, not duckable), but lose against sidesteps. Some attacks only track in one direction, so give it a try and learn through play if you have problems with a certain attack.
Pressing combos has to be learned. To train your combos, use the settings in the graphic below, because otherwise certain combos will be recognized as combos, but will never hit in the game if the opponent blocks during them.
So you can train combos from your launchers (attacks that bring the opponent into a juggle state), which usually work according to the pattern "Launcher> several hits> Screw> Run> Ender". If you get over 50 damage and can reliably press it, that's a good start. The screw moves are specially marked in the move list. For starters, you can also try sample combos at the end of the Move List, which will give you some ideas and also introduce you to the various launchers.

Defensive needs to be learned

The standard defense in Tekken differs fundamentally from 2D fighters in that you block above and react to lows by default. You also have the third dimension as an escape route. So that you are not constantly caught on the defensive, you should have at least two moves ready to get you back into the momentum.
If you are standing blocking, your fastest attack is usually any string that begins with a standing left punch. If you block while crouching, you have no access to these attacks, because you are in the "While Standing" animation, in which there are moves of your own. For this you should consult the frame data of your character in order to find the fastest attack with the prefix "WS".
Of course, this doesn't always work, because many attacks are not punishable, they even give the opponent the momentum so that he can strike again in front of you or his moves are invulnerable in certain places or have armor. If you have problems with throws, don't forget that they can be resolved with either Left Punch, Right Punch, or both. But they can also be crouched or sidestepped.

Know yourself and your opponent

Each character was designed by NAMCO in such a way that it follows a game plan and has certain main tools. If you don't yet know which character to start with, what your friend's character can do or just want to get to know the whole cast, we can recommend the following video to you.
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