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In the words of Albert Einstein

An extraordinary collection of quotes

Albert Einstein's personal words are a central part of the anniversary year. His insights and thoughts fill an infinite number of letters, essays and interviews. They show what an incredible passion Einstein shared with friends and colleagues when discussing science and philosophy.

The following selection of Einstein's thoughts and views gives a deep insight into the views of the world-famous physicist. In addition to popular sayings, there are many previously unknown quotations to be discovered. They all illustrate both the genius and the lateral head of Einstein, make you smile and think.

To his person

"I have no special talent, I am just passionately curious."

"My ideals, which shine through to me and which always filled me with joyful courage to live, were goodness, beauty and truth."

"How is it that nobody understands me and everyone likes me?"

“I have to work out every knowledge myself. I have to rethink everything from scratch, without prejudice. "

"What I strive for is simply to serve truth and justice with my weak powers, at the risk of not pleasing anyone."

"Because I get more and more stupid with fame, which is a very common occurrence."

"As with the man in the fairy tale everything that he touched turned to gold, so with me everything becomes newspaper screaming."

"I have never looked for any ethical values ​​in my life."

"As punishment for my contempt for authority, fate has made me an authority myself."

“I don't have any news of interest to say, and all the better sparrows whistle from the roofs about the old.”

"Every beeper becomes a trumpet solo for me ..."

"I often feel depressed about the extent to which my life is based on the work of others, and I know how much I owe them."

"I have settled in wonderfully here, at home like a bear in its cave and actually feel more at home than ever in my eventful life."

"Personally, I feel the highest degree of happiness in large works of art."

"I am one of those people who put before the alternative: eat well or sleep well - choose to sleep well."

"I used to not think that every word uttered spontaneously could be picked up and fixed."

“Everything is ascribed to you, and there is no end to the cleverly invented legends. But I know all the more to appreciate and appreciate what is real.

"Adored yesterday, hated and spat on today, forgotten tomorrow and advanced to a saint the day after tomorrow."

"The world is a fool's house, reputation makes everything!"

"I don't drink, so I don't care."

"I stand up for every word I have published."

"I already belong, but I'm still there."

"I've done my thing here."

The living

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious."

“I never worry about the future. She'll come soon enough. "

"It is enough for me to marvel at the secrets."

"Thinking for its own sake is like music."

"The joy of looking and understanding is nature's most beautiful gift."

"Body and soul are not two different things, just two different ways of perceiving the same thing."

"When it comes to truth and justice, there is no distinction between small and large problems."

"What does not cost anything is not worth anything."

"I also believe that a simple and undemanding outer life is good for everyone, for body and mind."

"Only a life lived for others is worth living."

"Life is sacred, i.e. the highest value on which all valuations depend."

“Our situation on this earth seems strange. Each of us appears involuntarily and uninvited for a short stay, without knowing why and for what purpose. "

“We cannot acquire any knowledge of the world of experience by mere logical thinking; all knowledge about reality starts from experience and flows into it. "

"The best things in life are not what money can get."

"A life that is primarily geared towards meeting personal needs leads to bitter disappointment sooner or later."

"If you want a happy life, associate it with a goal, not with people or things."

“It's actually puzzling what drives you to take your work so devilishly seriously. For whom? For themselves? - one is leaving soon. For the world around you? For posterity? No, it remains a mystery. "

"The great and noble comes from the lonely personality, be it a work of art or a significant creative scientific achievement."

"We cannot think at all without using our five senses."

"Only those who do not search are safe from making mistakes."

"Don't let rigid principles kill your healthy feeling."

"I do not need to emphasize how much I respect and value all pursuits for truth and knowledge."

"The pursuit of moral action is the most important pursuit of human beings."

"Look very deeply into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

"Above all, you have to be critical of yourself."

"Every age has its beautiful moments."

"The value of the service lies in what is achieved."

The humanity

"The pursuit of moral action is the most important pursuit of man."

"Moral action alone can add beauty and dignity to life."

"So we mortals are immortal in what we create together in enduring works."

"The bad experiences have to be repeated over and over again."

"Joy in the joy and suffering in the suffering of the other, these are the best leaders of man."

“We have to do our best. That is our sacred human responsibility. "

"Do not try to become a successful person, but a valuable person."

"The banal goals of human endeavor: possession, external success, luxury, have struck me as contemptible since my young years."

"It is easier to dispose of radioactive plutonium than the evil in humans."

"It is not a question of people, but of works in the service of the community."

"A happy person is too satisfied with the present to worry too much about the future."

"The foundation of all human values ​​is just the moral."

"The pursuit of truth and knowledge is one of the most beautiful things a person is capable of ()."

"It is difficult to tell what is truth, but sometimes it is easy to see something wrong."

"Anyone who does not take the truth seriously in small things can not be trusted in big things either."

"And yet something truly valuable can only come about through the impersonal cooperation of many."

"Man's longing demands certain knowledge."

“Nostra culpa! Man cools down faster than the planet he is sitting on. "

Teaching and learning

"It is the teacher's most important art to awaken the joy of creating and of knowing."

"The important thing is not to stop asking."

"The teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a sour duty."

"Wisdom is not the result of school education, but a lifelong attempt to acquire it."

"Curiosity is a vulnerable plant that not only needs stimulation, but above all freedom."

“Most [teachers] waste time asking questions and asking to find out what the student doesn't know; while the true art of questioning is aimed at ascertaining what the other knows or is able to know. "

"The value of higher education lies not in learning many facts, but in the practice of thinking that textbooks can never learn."

"Never see a duty in studying, but rather the enviable opportunity to get to know the liberating beauty in the field of the spirit."

"Knowledge alone is dead, but school serves the living."

“Don't worry about your math difficulties; I can ensure you, mine are even bigger."

"Mathematics is the only perfect way to fool yourself."

"Study and the pursuit of truth and beauty in general is an area in which we can remain children throughout life."

"A real master can only be one who gives himself to something with all his strength and soul."

"Personalities, however, are not formed through beautiful speeches, but through work and personal performance."

Berlin and Germany

"Berlin is the place to which I am bound by the closest human and scientific ties."

"To give up everything in Berlin, where you meet me so indescribably, I would not be able to do that."

“Messrs. Berliners speculate with me as with an award-winning iguana. But I don't know if I can still lay eggs. "

"The former Germany was after all an oasis in the desert."

State and politics

"I find it sad that in today's practical life separations according to nationality and cultural tradition play such a significant role."

"Although I try to be universal in my thinking, I am a European by instinct and inclination."

“My political ideal is the democratic one. Everyone should be respected as a person and no one should be idolized. "

“The state is for the people and not the people for the state. The most important kind of tolerance is therefore that of society and the state against the individual.”

"There is only one way to peace and security: the supranational organization."

"Political passion demands its sacrifice."

"You have to divide your time between politics and math equations, but the equations are much more important to me."

"Never act against conscience, even if the state demands it."

"Raising oneself above mere existence by giving one's best powers to an impersonal goal through the years."

"I think that the free development of the individual and his abilities is ultimately the only legitimate goal of political endeavor."

"Real democracy is not an empty delusion."

War, Peace and Pacifism

"The thinking and the methods of the past could not prevent the world wars, but the thinking of the future must make wars impossible."

"I would rather teach peace than hate, love rather than war."

"The war is won - but not the peace."

"The release of nuclear power has changed everything but the way we think, and therefore we are drifting towards disasters that are unparalleled."

"What is needed is active participation in the fight against war and any matter that leads to it."

"Therefore a person for whom spiritual values ​​are the highest must be a pacifist."

"My pacifism is instinctively a feeling that I am obsessed with."

"I appeal to all men and women, to the eminent and to the average person, that they refuse to support any war or war preparations in the future."

"I am ready to fight for peace."

Science and knowledge

"All science is just a refinement of everyday thinking."

"Under" Academic Freedom "I mean the right to search for the truth and to publish and teach what is believed to be true."

"A really useful and profound theory has never been found in a purely speculative manner."

"My scientific work is driven by an irresistible desire to understand the secrets of nature and nothing else."

"The main attraction of the theory lies in its logical cohesion." (Einstein on general relativity)

"My scientific work is based on an irresistible desire to understand the mysteries of nature and no other feelings."

"It is generally one of the essential features of the theory of relativity that it tries to work out the relationships between general concepts and facts that can be experienced."

"It was a great pleasure for me to tell you about the mysteries that physics poses."

"For me, the pursuit of knowledge is one of those independent goals without which a conscious affirmation of existence does not seem possible for the thinking person."

“The theory of relativity is an abstract science. It is compatible with every worldview. "

"The greatest scientists are always artists too."

"The only way to avoid adulation is through work. There is nothing else."

"The more success quantum theory has, the more stupid it looks."

"Limiting scientific knowledge to a small group of people weakens the philosophical spirit of a people and leads to their spiritual impoverishment."

"I've already done something wrong in the theory of gravity, which puts me a little at risk of being interned in a madhouse."

"It is my inner conviction that the development of the sciences is mainly based on the needs of pure knowledge."

"Nature hides its secret through the grandeur of its being, but not through cunning."

"The more you chase the quanta, the better they hide."

“Why are we so happy with the wonderful technology that makes life easier and saves work? The simple answer is because we have not yet learned how to make sensible use of it. "

"Science is a wonderful thing when you don't have to make a living from it."

"An improvement in conditions in the world does not essentially depend on scientific knowledge, but rather on the fulfillment of humane traditions and ideals."

"When [the development of the economy] is subordinated to practical ends, true science stagnates."

"In this business everyone has to hatch their own eggs in God's name."

"A scientist is a mimosa when he has made a mistake himself, and a roaring lion when he discovers a mistake in others."

"It's a success when you can force nature to stick out its tongue."

"For someone who has tried all his life to grasp a little bit of the truth, the greatest reward is when he sees that others really understand his work and enjoy it."

“The concern for people themselves and their fate must always be the main concern of all scientific endeavors.”

"My actual research goal has always been the simplification and unification of the physical theoretical system."

"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that happens is determined by natural laws, including human actions."

About special people

"I admire Goethe as a unique poet and as one of the brightest and wisest men of all time." (via Goethe)

"I sense a certain condescension towards the reader in his intellectual attitude, a certain lack of servant devotion, which is so beneficial, especially with tall people." (via Goethe)

"How different and better it would be for the human world if there were more of his peculiarities among the leaders." (Via Planck)

"His gaze was directed towards the eternal things, and yet he took part in everything that belonged to the human and temporal sphere." (via Planck)

"Anyone who has been granted a great creative thought to give humanity does not need to be praised by posterity." (via Planck)

"You can see what an unshakable support the pursuit of truth can give." (via his Berlin friend Juliusburger)

"What I have to say about Bach's life's work: Listen, play, love, adore and - shut up." (via Bach)

"Mozart's music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as the inner beauty of the universe itself." (via Mozart)

God, Faith and Judaism

“What unites the Jews and has connected them for millennia is primarily the democratic ideal of social justice and the idea of ​​the duty to help one another through the tolerance of all people.”

“The main concern of the Jewish people is the preservation of their cultural heritage. We would not exist as a people today if it had not been for this uninterrupted learning. "

"The heart says yes, but the mind says no."

"Only when we [Jews] have the courage to see ourselves as a nation, only when we respect ourselves, can we gain the respect of others."

"The Lord God is subtle, but he is not malicious."

“I thought about it again. Maybe God is wicked after all. "

"Every deep natural scientist must have a kind of religious feeling because he is unable to imagine that the uncommonly free contexts that he sees will be thought by him for the first time."

“It is determined for the insects as well as for the stars. People, plants or cosmic dust, we all dance to a certain melody that is intoned from a distance by an invisible piper. "

“It seems hard to look at the Lord God’s cards. But I can't believe for a moment that he rolls the dice and uses telepathic means (as is expected of him by current quantum theory). "

"Morality is a very important thing, but for us, not for God."

“There is nothing divine about morality; it is a purely human matter. "


"You can't stop a cat from catching birds."

"Freedom of teaching and expression in books and press (are) the foundation of every healthy intellectual development of a people."

"Let each judge for himself, by what he reads and not by what others say to him."

"What I have to say about the book is in the book."

"Isn't the whole philosophy as written in honey?"

"Such celebrations are for children." (On birthdays)

“Good deeds are like good poems. You can feel it strongly, but you can only grasp it in an imperfectly rational manner. "

“Only then can human society emerge of value when it is calm enough to enable the free development of human abilities.”

"It would be sad if the bag were more valuable than the meat in it."

"Where there is love, there is no burden."

"The aim is to promote spiritual values ​​in society."

"You have to stay away from lying ventures, even if they have a nice name."

"Personally, I feel the highest degree of happiness in large works of art."

"The money only attracts selfishness and irresistibly seduces to abuse."

"Regarding sex education: no secrecy."

“So I live fat-free, meat-free, fish-free, but I feel quite comfortable with it. It almost seems to me that humans were not even born as predators. "

"An hour with a pretty girl goes by like a minute, but a minute on a hot stove seems to take an hour."

"True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist."

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