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April 8th, 2020 - 12:00 pm Team | Brand jury

Two exciting weeks with a lot of interesting information and great comments on the campaign blog are coming to an end. Now is the time for the knowledge test!

In the last two weeks, we at L'Oréal Paris have learned a lot about the topics of sustainability, recycling and our commitment to preventing animal testing, and we have learned about the special ingredient glycolic acid.

Here are some voices from the action:

Brand jury member Mel_lix has a clear opinion on sustainability at L’Oréal Paris:

I think it's great that L'Oréal is so committed to the environment and attaches importance to sustainability! I already noticed last year that there had been changes to the products and I am very happy about them. L'Oréal is one of my favorite brands and it's nice to see that quality and environmental protection go hand in hand

Brand jury member Sanny1403 commends L’Oréal Paris for its efforts in the field of recycling:

I didn't even know that the topic of waste separation and recycling was so present at L’Oréal. However, I am very happy to hear that we pay close attention to waste separation at home and also to the packaging we buy.

Brand jury member Selina222 has even had experience with the subject of glycolic acid:

Glycolic acid, I think it's great. I already know the ampoules from advertising and find them sensational. I've been a huge fan of glycolic acid ever since. I want a light glow from my care and that the skin looks smooth and radiant.

Brand jury member Mel_lix is enthusiastic about L'Oréal Paris' commitment against animal testing:

I admire L'Oréal for your commitment to the prevention / prohibition of animal testing. It's not for nothing that I've been a loyal fan of the brand and products for years! I didn't know anything about the use of "Episkin" so far, but that's why I'm here and am happy about such positive insights that you can get into company policy. Keep it up!

What was your personal highlight in our virtual campaign with L’Oréal Paris?