How can I download locked video videos

Workshop: Downloads from YouTube, Google Video & Co

Here's how: Download web videos

Michael Humpa

Watching videos is nice, downloading is better. We will show you step-by-step how you can get the actually blocked web clips onto your PC.

With the two freeware tools GVDownloader and VideoDownloader, videos from almost all video platforms on the Internet can be downloaded in a short time. The procedure is always the same:
Download with GVDownloader:
Download the English-language GVDownloader directly from After installing the 1.5 MB tool, start it by double-clicking on the executing EXE file. If the program does not start, it may be due to the missing Windows patch .NET Framework.
Now click your way to the video you want on your favorite website. Mark the URL in the address line of your browser and copy the character string to the clipboard with the shortcut »Ctrl + C«.
Now switch to GVDownloader and add the address to the “Video URL” field using »Ctrl + V«. In the “Decode Using” drop-down menu, select where the video originally came from.
Click on »Go« and GVDownloader will encode the encrypted URL. After the successful audition, the new button “Download with Browser” will be activated, which you can also press immediately. GVDownloader then automatically switches to the browser and starts the download.
Since you want to transfer the video to the PC, select »Save to diskette / hard drive« and »OK«. Depending on the length of the file, it may take some time for the download to complete. Once the clip has been copied, you can also watch it offline with the free FLV player.
This is how it works: Download videos from YouTube, Google Video & Co