Which is better aerospace engineering or aviation

The aerospace industry is an international growth market. Its growth prospects of 5% per year are brilliant: Orders for over 30,000 wide-body aircraft await us in the next two decades. This corresponds to a value of 5 trillion dollars - more than the annual economic output of the Federal Republic. The global mobility demand and the replacement of older generations of aircraft with high kerosene consumption are the main growth drivers.

The increasing importance of networking at all levels of society, but also new challenges in view of the instability of the security situation, urgent environmental issues or the solution of migration issues will lead to an even greater demand for modern space applications.

The economic and strategic importance of aerospace for an export-oriented economy in an increasingly globalized world can therefore hardly be overestimated.

Opportunities and challenges 

Despite these positive prospects, there are great challenges to be mastered. They are caused by fierce competition on the world market, as our industry is of the highest strategic relevance for both established and emerging industrial nations. The United States, for example, provides significantly more public funding for the aerospace industry, and in China all industry is the responsibility of the state. Germany and Europe must work for equal opportunities so that domestic industry is not too severely disadvantaged.

So that we do not jeopardize our international competitiveness, Germany, as a high-wage country, should definitely refrain from further burdens on industry. Since we mainly produce for export - the export quota in aviation is 70% - such burdens affect us more than other industries that have a large home market in Germany. And of course, good specialist staff and competitive working conditions must be guaranteed.

In the coming years, important decisions will be made for our industry. Globalization, innovation and technology are the decisive forces of the 21st century. Only in their harmonious triad do we create competitive products and continue the previous success story.