Why does Trump look like an orange

Why is Trump's complexion so orange?

Even in the dead of winter, Donald Trump presents himself with a summery tan. There are many theories about this, but the White House rejects all of them. So what's really behind this?
Last week, the American Midwest was turned into a giant freezer by arctic air masses. Snow and ice dominate the landscape in large parts. In the White House, however, there is someone who cannot tell the winter weather at all: President Donald Trump continues to shine in a summery tan. How does he do it? Well, that's a state secret.

And that leaves people around the world puzzling. The renowned "New York Times" has now got to the bottom of the mysterious, orange complexion that has become something of a trademark of Trump.


Make-up artist Jason Kelly, who had worked with Trump and numerous other Republicans, told Harper's Bazaar in 2016 that Trump was a regular guest in the solarium. His former assistant, Omarosa Manigault Newman, also revealed in her book "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House" that a servant had been fired for rough handling of a tanning bed.

Many of Trump's former classmates have described him as someone who would twist a UV light bulb into a lamp to "go to the beach," according to the New York Times. The omnipresent, lighter areas under the eyes of the US President also seem to support these claims. His complexion "seems to have a tinge of orange, with white crescent moons under the eyes, where, as I suspect, he always puts on small goggles," writes former FBI chief James Comey in his memoir.

Comment now However: according to statements by employees, there is no tanning bed anywhere on the White House grounds.


Dermatologist Tina Alster, who looks after several members of the cabinet, but not Trump himself, has a different assumption. "It looks more orange than tanned," says Alster. For them, this is a clear sign that they are not using a solarium, but rather self-tanning creams or sprays. And: through the "white crescents" tanning food supplements such as carotenoids could be excluded. However, this should not exist in the White House either.

It is well known that Trump attaches great importance to his look and reacts sensitively to it. For example, TV appearances in the White House are now only in twilight after the president complained that his skin and hair were too yellow or orange on the screens.

Good genes?

Even before Trump appears in front of the cameras, additional powder is used. An insider from the White House is said to have emphasized to the "New York Times" that this is transparent and by no means a bronze.

And what is really the reason? When asked in the White House, they do not want to officially comment on the debate. Under the protection of anonymity, the insider reveals only this much: Trump's radiant complexion is the result of "good genes". The US President's styling routine will probably remain a well-kept state secret.

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