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Antiperspirant - the effective protection against excessive sweating

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Maximum sweat protection: An antiperspirant keeps you dry even on hot days or during great physical exertion. But how does the product work and what should be considered when using it? We explain everything worth knowing.

These are antiperspirants

While an ordinary deodorant with active ingredients such as fragrance oils or alcohol only reduces the smell of underarm wetness, an antiperspirant reduces the flow of sweat. How it works? Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that narrow sweat pores. As a result, less sweat or no sweat at all penetrates the surface of the skin at the treated areas. This will prevent excessive sweating and also reduce any odors. They only arise when sweat that has leaked out is broken down by bacteria in the air.

An antiperspirant works fundamentally differently than a classic deodorant. Antiperspirants without aluminum do not yet exist today. Good to know: Depending on the product, antiperspirants not only work under the armpits. There are also antiperspirants for the face, foot antiperspirants and hand antiperspirants. In short: This helper works in all places where you sweat a lot.

Sounds too good to be true? Unfortunately, aluminum salts irritate sensitive or dry skin quickly and can provoke itching and redness.

Tips for using antiperspirants

Whether spray, cream or roll-on: Antiperspirant deodorants as well as aluminum-free deodorants are available in many forms. The use of antiperspirants has its own guidelines. So you shouldn't apply the product in the morning after showering, but ideally in the evening. Because: The sweat glands are less active at this time of the day. This allows the aluminum salt to take effect overnight.

In addition, use the product only on dry and intact skin. So after shaving, wait at least 24 hours before applying your antiperspirant. It is also advisable not to use the welding protection every day. In this way, you also minimize the potential health risk that aluminum salts have been suspected over and over again. A risk that has not yet been adequately proven scientifically.

If you're looking for an alternative, try our guide to homemade spray and roll deodorant.

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