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It was his decision that he would either wipe out the Uchiha clan or not. If he had decided on the latter, the Uchiha would probably have gone to war with Konoha one day, as can be seen from Madara.
Can you imagine what would or could have happened then? Quite a few ninja could have died, as Tobi has already explained. More than just the members of the Uchiha clan would have died, no, in the worst case it would even have resulted in another ninja world war.

Then you have the choice of simply killing everyone, but throwing your own life upside down (that is to say, becoming Nukenin ...) so that the Uchiha cannot implement their plan. In my opinion, this is not so much some kind of betrayal or even a wrong decision, I see it more as courage.

And yes, in my eyes he really made the right decision. Although, I would still say that there is almost no right / right in the situation. There are only more sensible solutions, the ones with which you simply kill those who are planning a conspiracy.
The only ones who suffered from it are ultimately Sasuke and Itachi.
The remaining villagers, who may have had friends among the Uchiha, may also have suffered from it, but it would not be as great as if the Uchiha had attacked the village.
But no, Itachi's glorious life up to then was on the brink. To be searched worldwide for Nukenin, with the reputation of exterminating one's own family, even though no one knows that it was for the good of the village, is a pretty hard fate.

After his attack against the Uchiha, he had no intention of specifically killing anyone, mass murder just for fun or the like, on closer inspection that alone should speak for his loyalty to Konoha.
But there is still Sasuke - I wonder if it wouldn't have been better to kill him too.

I don't understand why Itachi could allow Sasuke to emulate him and even resort to "illegal" methods. Presumably Itachi wanted to prepare Sasuke for Tobi? - If he had killed Sasuke, it wouldn't even have been necessary ...
If only he could have done it. Isn't it totally atypical for Itachi to be seen as an unscrupulous mass murderer and let his brother live and tell him to surpass him? An absolutely unnecessary risk that Sasuke should have been aware of.

Well, that's how much a left Uchiha can cause problems. But in short, in my opinion Itachi made the absolutely right decision with the extermination of the Uchiha clan (only Sasuke was missing as the icing on the cake, but what do you want to do ...).


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