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"A good consultant is also good through another medium"

How does the andsafe approach work?

Bush kotte: We started out as a digital commercial insurer. Now the possibilities for differentiation are much greater than in the private customer business. This knowledge offers clear advantages for new customer groups. We are a multi-channel insurer and produce certain products under the labels of the regional insurers of the Provinzial Group.

In addition to our technical basis and platform capability, white labeling is one of our USPs. There are already inquiries from non-group companies. But we are currently focusing on our group sisters. Here we are essentially providing a second product line or closing a gap in the product range. Our program is technological advancement, automation and digitization.

The ability to adapt and scale quickly is what sets us apart. Channel-specific product and service solutions, including the necessary interfaces and connections via our Bipro adapter, form the basis for this.

Can complex business security be played digitally?

Bush kotte: Yes, but there are also limits. I think we will be able to cover around 80 percent of the commercial risks with our products. We currently offer almost 2,000 operating modes, including synonyms, in public liability insurance. Our goal is to be simple and transparent.

The self-serving customer should also perceive our processes as convenient. It is exciting to work with customer tests at the beginning and to find out what the customer has understood so far when he has bought insurance. And what do we have to adapt so that he really trusts himself to do it? The important thing is to take out the complexity. Of course, a painter also makes drywall.

But the reality is often different from the insurance company's operating mode tables. So the actual risk profile should be mapped. Take the food truck operator, for example. It's still a snack. But he sees himself as a food truck operator.

How would you describe the digital maturity level now? About 16 months ago, was that enough?

Voss: The animosities have decreased. You are ready to break new ground. There are collaborations with one or the other large insurer that one would never have thought of before. But it's not the case that the market has got 50 percent better.

It doesn't move that fast after all. We talk to many insurers in the market and see where we can help. I would simply say that the student has become more attentive, he is more willing to listen, he has the will to change it. It is too early to say that this would now have been clearly reflected in the exam grades.

Wetzel: I agree with that. Much is being said about it, but little is still being done. Quite a few budgets have certainly been cleared. It's just a question of what for? We used you to change systems within insurers. Others may have cleared the budget to help the entire market, including customers and intermediaries.

Bush kotte: I'm with Mr. Voss. We see an evolutionary development in the range of services and products. Beyond that, nothing revolutionary happened.

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