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Social Media 2021: Current User Numbers

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Social Media: Constantly on the move - except for ...

Whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: These social networks are used by millions of Germans ... or aren't they? Well, it is clear that the number of users of a network is constantly changing and developing - whether up or down. A number of members measured down to the decimal point does not really get old and can therefore hardly be determined. However, an approximate classification is possible in any case.

What are the exact numbers?

Let's start with the largest social network: Facebook comes up overall 18 million weekly active members. Compared to the previous year, neither growth nor an increase can be seen here. Furthermore there is 32 million monthly users and 10 million of them are active on Facebook every day. The stagnating behavior should not be left out, because Facebook is more and more often declared dead or no longer attractive. Which, however, cannot be right in view of the high number of users. We are excited to see how Facebook will continue in the next few years.

The situation is different with the business communities Xing or LinkedIn. Here, the number of users increased again compared to the previous year. While there were 17 million users on Xing in 2020, it will be this year 18.5 million. Users. LinkedIn had 14 million users in 2020 and is now coming on 15 million Users.

The messenger service WhatsApp could scarcely 58 million Keep users who are active every day. A high-flyer, however, is the "new" video portal TikTok, which 2 million Users weekly and 1.4 million users daily - we are curious to see how the portal will develop.

Where do the numbers come from?

We have taken all the figures from web blogger Christian Buggisch and the ARD / ZDF online study. We got the monthly user numbers from Michael Kroker.

Social media channels in Germany

Data for the years 2015 - 2021 in historical comparison

Messenger services in Germany


58 million daily


5 million weekly 3.5 million daily

FB Messenger

23 million monthly users


7.8 million users


5 million users

Monthly usage

Weekly use

Daily use

Numbers in detail

Facebook user numbers

The blue giant has round 32 million monthly usager in Germany and 1.8 billion users worldwide. So Facebook is being declared dead? The current user numbers say something different! Facebook continues to grow outside of Europe. Here's a comparison: In Germany there are 10 million daily users and worldwide there are 305 million users who use Facebook every day.

WhatsApp user numbers

The number of users this year clearly shows that WhatsApp is a very popular social network: There are 58 million users in Germany and 2 billion users worldwide. If you look at the numbers in detail, you can see that WhatsApp can have 55 million weekly and 48 million daily users. A clear plus compared to the previous year.

Instagram user numbers

According to the ARD / ZDF online study, Instagram usage has increased significantly compared to last year: There are 21 million monthly, 14 million weekly and 11 million daily active users in Germany. If you compare these user numbers with the blue giant Facebook, you can see that Instagram has 1 million weekly users more. So Instagram is a little further ahead in the race - we are excited to see how it will develop over the next few years.

Snapchat user numbers

As Snapchat itself announced, there are 239 million daily users worldwide. If you compare these numbers with the previous year, it is 18% more. In Germany the numbers are as follows: 6 million weekly and 4 million daily active Snapchat users.

TikTok user numbers

There are currently 5.5 million German users and 100 million users across Europe who use TikTok every month. However, if you look at the weekly and daily users in Germany, the numbers drop somewhat: 2 million weekly and 1.4 million daily active Germans use TikTok.

Twitter user numbers

Twitter will monthly from 12 million users and used by 2.8 million users every week. There are 1.4 million users in Germany every day. The numbers have only increased marginally compared to the previous year. But what is interesting: According to Buggisch, the number of power users has hardly changed, but the number of occasional users has risen sharply.

Pinterest user numbers

Pinterest has 442 million monthly users worldwide (a clear plus compared to last year) and 13 million monthly users in Germany.

XING user numbers

XING has grown again worldwide compared to the previous year and has 18.5 million members in Germany. 2.8 million of them are weekly and less than 1 million daily in Germany.

LinkedIn user numbers

LinkedIn has 15 million monthly German users and 722 million users worldwide. In a direct comparison, according to the ARD / ZDF online study, there are no differences in the number of users between Xing and LinkedIn in Germany. So there would also be 2.8 million weekly and less than 1 million daily active users in Germany.

Interpretation of the social media user numbers in 2021

What do all these numbers tell us about social media channels? So far, there have been no surprising results. Facebook is currently stagnating somewhat, while Instagram and WhatsApp continue to rise. With the "newer" social media channels such as TikTok and Snapchat, it remains exciting, as there are only official figures from the ARD / ZDF online study, which only take into account users aged 14 and over. Users under the age of 14 are therefore not included and are very likely not to be underestimated.

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Who reads all of this?

In view of the many users and the large amount of content, a legitimate question! It is interesting that there are also surveys about the days and times of the day you should publish content on social networks. We have that in our post "When are the best times to post on social networks?" neatly put together.

But all the numerous services are used more often than expected! The global mobile usage of these channels is measured in real time on the PlayMobi website. It is impressive what results can be seen here.

So you can check there which and, above all, how many activities are carried out worldwide by users in a certain time. In 10 seconds, users sent around 8,102 messages via Facebook Messenger, for example, while WhatsApp even sent 5,104,167 messages in the same time. This shows that not only the number of users is interesting, but also the user behavior.

We have shown you a graphic from the PlayMobi website that shows many other interesting results within just 10 seconds.

What do companies use social media for?

Hootsuite has published a study in which more than 9,000 B2B and B2C companies from different countries were asked what role social media plays in their area.

It turned out that 90% of companies use their social media channels to further develop their brand. 71% also use the channels to build their own community. In order to generate more reach and leads, 61% of the companies surveyed use their social media channels. It is also exciting that 50% of companies use social media accounts to gain more market knowledge.

The use of social media by companies in Germany

If we only refer to the surveyed companies in Germany, the Hootsuite study from 2019 revealed some important findings, which we summarize below:

1. Recruiting
41% of the companies surveyed use their social media accounts primarily for recruiting.

2. Lead generation
24% of the companies surveyed would like to win new prospects via social media channels.

3. Customer satisfaction and customer service through social media
30% of the companies surveyed use their social media channels to interact with customers.

4. Competitiveness
87% of the respondents stated that they use social media channels to keep up with their competitions.

5. Evaluation
58% of companies admitted that they have problems measuring their activities and evaluating their goals.



Many German companies now appreciate the social media channels and use them for a wide variety of goals. However, most companies still have problems using different numbers to measure their goals.
It can therefore be assumed that the area of ​​social media will continue to grow in the future and will become even more firmly anchored in the corporate sector.

And: Convinced that social media can also be useful for your company?

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