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Program crashes and locks Comport (USB-RS232)

  May 17, 2016, 9:36 pm
Hello everybody,

wrote a small program that uses a Prolific USB / RS232 converter
receives serial data.
Everything ok in the IDE, works. Can start and stop more often, all well.
Even after exiting the self-created program, I can access the interface with other terminal programs.

But if I start the created exe file, Windows logs in with a forced restart,
where he criticizes the Ser2pl64.sys.
After that, even after the PC has been completely switched off and on, the RS232 can no longer be addressed.
I.e. I start a terminal program (HTerm, Putty or other) after the restart, the terminal program reports to me
'COM6 is blocked by another application'. Whether there is nothing to be found in the task manager, what
accesses the interface. The Comport appears in the device manager as always, without errors.
Somehow someone (the program? Lazarus? Windows?) Is blocking the comport for me somewhere.

Windows 10 Pro / 64bit / Version 1511
Lazarus V1.6
SdpoSerial v0.1.4

Has anyone had a similar experience and a tip?

Thanks for reading

// Write here under "Lazarus" although it has nothing to do with the IDE directly,
// because I haven't had anything like this with Turbo-Delphi or XE3.
// If it doesn't belong here, sorry, please postpone.
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