How did Jeff Beck learn to play the guitar

Jeff Beck is considered the master of string pulling!

Profession: guitarist
Place of Birth: Wallington (UK)
Date of birth: June 24, 1944
Awards: Grammy in the category "Best Rock Instrumental" Performance "
(for the song "Dirty Mind" from the album "You ................................... Had It Coming ")

If you ask recognized guitarists about their role models and guitarist influences, one name keeps coming up: Jeff Beck! Reason enough to deal with his guitaristic résumé and his discography:

Brief biography

In 1965 Jeff Beck came to the YARDBIRDS and replaced none other than Mister "Slowhand" Eric Clapton, who in the meantime switched to John Mayall's Blues Breakers. Before this time he earned his living - like many guitarists in England - as a session musician. The role of the lead guitar in the Yardbirds was more than redefined by Jeff Beck by playing it to previously unattainable heights and being one of the first to experiment with lots of "fuzz" and "distortion".

After a short but legendary lead guitar duo interlude with Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Beck left the YARDBIRDS to found his own band - the JEFF BECK GROUP - in 1967. In addition to Jeff Beck on guitar, the band was composed as follows: singer Rod Stewart, bassist Ron Wood (from 1976 with the Rolling Stones), drummer Nick Waller and keyboardist Nicky Hopkins. With the 2 albums ("Truth" and "Cosa-Nostra Beck Ola") that the group released in 1968 and '69, they laid one of the foundations for the later heavy metal genre.

In 1972 the Jeff Beck Group fell apart and so Beck founded the trio Beck, Bogert & Appice (BBA) with Carmine Appice (drums) and Tim Bogert (bass). The trio was not very successful (apart from an instrumental version of Stevie Wonder's hit Superstition ..) and therefore soon broke up again.


Artists' Social Security Fund information

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From then on Beck turned to Fusion & Jazz-Rock: In 1975 Beck recorded an instrumental solo album entitled "Blow by Blow", which surprisingly brought about impressive reviews. This was followed by collaborative work with keyboardist Jan Hammer (who later wrote the title music for Miami Vice ..) and his band in 1976: "Wired", a real instrumental highlight that not only met with great approval, but also breathed new life into them Brought the jazz rock scene and this set a milestone. During this time Beck also produced two albums for the Upp group, in which he also played a part.

In the 80s and 90s Jeff Beck devoted himself to his hobby of "screwing cars" and only occasionally released an album: "Flash" (1985, including some pieces with Rod Stewart and Jan Hammer), "Guitar Shop" (1989), "The Fire Meets The Fury" (1989, with Stevie Ray Vaughan), "Crazy Legs" (1993), "Who Else" (1999), and "You Had It Coming" (2001). Jeff Beck eventually won the Grammy in the category Best rock instrumental performance for his piece "Dirty Mind" from the album "You Had It Coming".

With his creativity and willingness to experiment, Jeff Beck has won an undisputed place in the history of popular guitar music. He is one of the most popular guitarists, if you ask famous colleagues about guitar influences! In addition, he is considered by many to be the "master of string pulling" on the guitar!

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