Napoli versus Arsenal

Europa League: SSC Napoli vs Arsenal FC live in the online stream and watch TV

Watch live stream, on TV and ticker: This is how you can watch the quarter-final second leg SSC Napoli vs Arsenal FC in the Europa League for free.

Will Arsenal make it to the semi-finals again? In the match between SSC Napoli and Arsenal on Thursday (9 p.m. / live on SPORTSBUZZER ticker) the Gunners defend a 2-0 from the London first leg.

From Alli to Zlatan - these superstars almost landed in London - their changes sometimes failed spectacularly.

Does Arsenè Wenger regret these mishaps? Superstars like Harry Kane and Zlatan Ibrahimovic could have played for Arsenal. ©

"It is difficult, but it is possible", Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti has not yet given up hope for a "miracle of Naples". Arsenal's Spanish coach Unai Emery does not want the trip to Vesuvius to become a business trip. The former Bayern coach wants “to put heart, courage and intelligence against the Londoners.” “We know that 90 minutes can be very long in Naples,” said Emery before the game think about the first leg. "

Napoli and Arsenal last met in 2013/2014 in the Champions League preliminary round (with Borussia Dortmund and Olympique Marseille) in the European Cup. At that time, the Neapolitans won 2-0 against the team from the British capital. That would at least bring her into overtime this time. Arsenal's last appearance in Italy was a 2-0 win at AC Milan in the last 16 of the Europa League last year.

What happened to Arsenal FC's "Invincibles"?

Vieira, Pirés, Henry and Cole - they were among the top performers in the "Invincibles", the legendary Arsenal team of the 2003/04 season, which remained unbeaten in all 38 championship games in the Premier League. But what are you doing today? The SPORTSBUZZER went on a search for clues. ©

How do I watch the match between SSC Napoli and Arsenal FC live on stream?

The streaming service DAZN shows SSC Napoli against Arsenal FC live and exclusively on Thursday from 9 p.m. The reporter is Lukas Schönmüller. A subscription is required. The streaming service costs 9.99 euros per month.

Is there also a free live stream?

Yes! If you are not yet a DAZN customer, you can watch SSC Napoli versus Arsenal FC for free in the live stream. New customers receive a free month. If you do not want to enter into this subscription, the Internet naturally offers alternatives to watch the game in the free live stream. However, you are legally moving in a gray area. If you stream sports illegally, you can be liable to prosecution. In addition, you have to be prepared for foreign commentators, poor image quality, constant betting offers and annoying pop-ups.

How do I see the match between SSC Napoli and Arsenal on TV?

SSC Napoli against FC Arsenal at DAZN can be followed in various ways on a big screen on TV, including. with the use of an Amazon Fire USB stick. There will also be excerpts of the game on Thursday on free TV on RTL following the live broadcast between Eintracht Frankfurt and Benfica Lisbon.

How do I follow the game in the live ticker?

The SPORTSBUZZER is offering a live ticker for the game between SSC Napoli and Arsenal on Thursday. All goals, cards, highlights and promotions are available here from 8.45 p.m.