What gave you a sleepless night

Own goal of the year gives Andrich a sleepless night

With his shot from around 25 meters into his own net, the Union Berlin midfielder not only caused a rare curiosity in the Bundesliga on Saturday, but also ushered in the 2: 5 defeat of the "Iron" at Eintracht Frankfurt. “I've had a sleepless night because of the mistake, but that happens. But then the defeat hurts more ”, said Andrich.

When the score was 1: 1, the 26-year-old wanted to return the ball to his goalkeeper Andreas Luthe under distress in the 35th minute. But the action failed thoroughly. While Luthe offered himself next to the short post, the bullet hit the long corner. "At that moment there is a void where you think: shit," Andrich described the scene. Luthe took it after the final whistle with gallows humor: "It was already very well hit."

Union coach Urs Fischer did not blame the unlucky person either. “You have to accept something like that,” said the 55-year-old Swiss. He expressed less understanding for the subsequent weakness of his team with two more goals conceded within three minutes: “We lost our heads there. You mustn't behave like that. "

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