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Digital pen guide & comparison 2021

Hello, I'm Gregor and I've put this page together. First you will find an overview of various digital pens of our choice here, followed by a survey and a guide on the subject of digital pens. Further down on the page, we will then link to further articles or reviews, and at the end you can add your own mustard in the comments.

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The 11 digital pens of our choice

in a clear comparison
ESR compatible with iPad, active
Digital Stylus Pen, Ciscle Pen with 5 Min Auto Off and 1.5mm Fine Copper Tip, Rechargeable Stylus Pen for Tablets Compatible with Touch Screen Devices such as Samsung, Android Tablets (Black)
HP Pen (1MR94AA) Digital input pen (2 programmable buttons, Bluetooth, AAAA battery) silver
Stylus Pen for Apple iPad (2018-2020), With Tilt & Palm Rejection & Magnetic Adsorption Stylus Pencil, Compatible iPad 6th / 7th / 8th Gen/iPad Pro 11 / 12.9 (3rd / 4th) / Air 3-4 / Mini 5, digital pen
Royole RoWrite2– Smart Writing Pad digital notepad with real paper and pen for office and business. Capture handwriting digitally and convert it into text.
GAOMON S620 6.5 x 4 inches (diagonal: 7.6 inches) graphics tablet (with 4 express keys) with battery-free pen
LAMY AL-star black EMR Stylus digital writing instrument in black made of aluminum, matt black anodized - digital input pen for tablets, smartphones and notebooks
Wacom Bamboo Ink-Active Stylus (2nd generation, with 4,096 pressure levels for natural writing & taking notes on pen-compatible touchscreen devices with Microsoft Windows 10) gray
HP Digital Pen Active Pen for HP Specter x360 13-AC023DX, X2 12-C012DX, 13-AC013DX, 13-AC033DX, 15-BL012DX, 15-BL112DX, HP ENVY 360 15M-BP012DX, HP Pavilion X360 11M-AD013 BA013DX
STAEDTLER Noris digital classic 180 22.EMR Stylus. Stylus for digital writing and drawing on EMR touchscreens (classic hexagonal shape, 4,096 pressure levels, fine 0.7 mm tip)
XP-PEN G430S OSU graphics tablet signal turpad digital signature for PC 8192 pressure levels
ESR digital pen compatible with iPad, active stylus, tilt sensitivity, magnetic hold, palm detection, compatible with iPad Pro 2021/2020/2018, iPad 8/7/6, Air 4/3, Mini 5, white
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This tabular comparison should not be confused with a digital pen test, in which the digital pens are extensively tested. External tests are linked further down on the page.

Evaluation of the survey: Popular digital pens

Every month we analyze exactly which products are most popular with our users:

Which digital pen would you buy online? (February 2021)

  • 61.54% (16 votes) Digital Stylus Pen, Ciscle Pen with 5 ...
  • 19.23% (5 votes) HP Pen (1MR94AA) Digital input pen (2 ...
  • 15.38% (4 votes) ROVLAK Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Rechargeable ...
  • 3.85% (1 votes) ELZO 3 in 1 Capacitive Stylus Disc S ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Lenovo GX80K32884 20g Black Stylus Pen ...
  • 0% (0 votes) kimcrown EleganterStift Disc input pen, ...
  • 0% (0 votes) LAMY AL-star EMR digital writing instrument St ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Rocketbook Unlimited Reusable N ...

26 votes in total.

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Digital pen guide

Illustration of a stylus pen from Ciscle

A digital pen enables handwritten notes to be recorded digitally in order to then save them and transfer them to a computer. This is made possible by an infrared camera that is integrated in the head of the pen. A processor and a data memory take care of the further processing, as well as the saving of the notes on the pen.
A digital pen is always used with compatible digital paper. Although it can also be used to write on normal paper, it is not possible to use the other functionalities of the electronic pen.
How a digital pen works
While writing, the movement of the pen is recorded by the infrared camera. For this, however, the digital paper is required, which is equipped with a dot matrix. The recorded vector data are saved directly in the pen. Via a USB interface or the use of Bluetooth, the data can be transferred to any compatible computer and processed there.
Newer versions of the digital pen enable not only the recording of notes but also the parallel recording of audio files. The user can, for example, record a lecture and take additional notes at the same time. If the writing is evaluated on the computer, the respective audio file can be played at the same time. The digital pen itself has additional audio options. For example, the files can be fast forwarded or jumped to a specific point.
Use for business
Companies like to use digital pens to simplify business processes. If documents were previously paper-based, they can now easily be digitized and processed for the next steps. The procedure takes place in several steps. At the beginning, the documents are prepared so that the data recorded by the pen can then be easily merged. The data is not only document-proof, but also audit-proof. With a professional digital pen, not only the typeface but also the contact pressure such as the angle of inclination is recorded. Thanks to the comprehensive writing analysis by the pen, graphological reports can also be carried out.
Archiving in real time as a great advantage
Another benefit that digital pens offer is that documents can be archived in real time. With the help of a server, which is able to merge data with templates, and compatible digital paper, documents can be stored without having to laboriously scan them. The system is only linked to the handwriting recognition. Entries can then be easily checked for integrity and completeness. If they are in control, they can be transferred to a backend system.
Other uses of digital pens
A large number of suppliers now offer digital pens for various purposes. The best-known manufacturers are Livescribe, Ligitech, Anoto, Nokia and Maxell.
Digital pens are even used for children's games. Ravensburger, a well-known game manufacturer, brought out "tiptoi", an educational game in which correct answers can be marked and evaluated with a digital pen in a picture book. The children are presented with various pictures on which numerous details are hidden that can be found. A great advantage is that the pen only has to be purchased once and is then compatible with all other books in the "tiptoi" series.

Digital pen tests & other reports

New: our editorially supported list of further reports. The Internet is full of digital pen tests that compare technical data, but rarely really test the products (we therefore clearly refer to our overview as a "comparison" and by no means a "test"). So we have made it our business to distinguish supposed tests from honest test reports and to list the most helpful tests, reports, discussions and useful information about digital pens:

Write analog, collect digital: Wacom Bamboo Spark in ...
With its new analog and yet digital notepad, Bamboo Spark, Wacom wants to write and collect digitally: Wacom Bamboo Spark in the everyday test. A second power source in the pen itself is not required. ...
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Evernote launches Jot Script 2 iPad digital pen | ZDNet.de
Evernote has made a new digital pen available. The Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition comes from partner Adonit. In the purchase price ...
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Test Livescribe 3 smartpen: digital ink for paper - foerderland
Digital ballpoint pens from the Livescribe brand were here to be used on normal paper simply does not work, the pen writes - as it ...
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iPad Pro test: Apple's giant tablet is great fun with a pen ...
In the test, we clarify how good the tablet and the Apple Pencil really are. Afraid to touch the digital drawing surface with the palm of your hand ...
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Handwriting on the iPad: Three input pens in comparison - Lars ...
Stylus pens for the iPad: Test of the new Bamboo Stylus CS-160 How to easily digitize handwritten notes ...
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Apple Pencil: This is what the stylus for the iPad Pro can do - DIE WELT
Digital. Apple Pencil: The stylus for the iPad Pro can do that, but the practical test by "Bild" colleague Sven Stein confirms the great ...
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Conclusion on the digital pen guide & comparison 2021

Finally, we would like to explain our evaluation criteria for our digital pen comparison so that you can better understand our recommendations and our evaluation process. You are also advised to keep your eyes open for short-term offers in 2021, because cheap bargains can quickly make a product attractive, even with digital pens!

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