Is community theater bad for an actor

Susanne Boehling

In the ancient theater of Curium in Cyprus, the Krefeld “Orestie” production is played © Cyprus Tourism Organization

The actors of the Krefeld-Mönchengladbach Community Theater will play in Cyprus

By Susanne Böhling

It is a great honor to be able to participate in the “Festival of Ancient Greek Drama”. The staging of Aeschylus' Oresty, directed by Matthias Gehre, is one of the two non-Greek productions that will be staged on July 5th and 7th in the ancient theaters of Curium and Nicosia.

Poster from this year's theater festival in Cyprus

23 theater people will travel to Cyprus, almost the entire theater ensemble, as well as Gehre and the set designer Gabriele Trinczek. In the past few weeks she has ensured that scaffolding hung with fabric will form the back wall of the staging. The assistant director and stage manager are also there. "We do without colleagues from technology, cloakroom and props," says Gehrt. Anyway, the costs for participation will be borne by the Krefeld theater friends. Unfortunately, only the first two parts of the trilogy can be performed because the performances should only last two hours.

The production really deserves this honor - that's my opinion. I had the opportunity to watch the premiere in Krefeld in autumn 2015. Even then, I was impressed by the archaic force to which the text, stage design, direction, costumes and the actors' play merged.

Eva Mockery as the murdering Klytaimestra with a hatchet on stage

In the meantime I have made myself a little smarter with the help of Bernd Seidensticker “Das antike Theater”. I became aware that the ancient tragedies were always performed in a cultic context, they were part of the religious rites of the time and thus something sublime that I felt during the staging.

I would like to see the performances in Cyprus.

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