Is Colorado Springs Trump Land

A report from New York Times According to Russia, it will again interfere in the US election campaign in favor of Donald Trump in 2020. An employee of the intelligence coordinator informed the intelligence committee of Congress on February 13 of the findings, the newspaper writes.

Accordingly, Russia wants to play a role both in the Democratic primaries and in the autumn election. To do this, the country uses campaigns on Facebook and other social media channels, among other things. However, because of the changed rules on Facebook, this time the Russians would not pretend to be US-Americans in order to get their messages to US citizens.

Instead, they focused on getting US citizens to repeat their messages themselves. In order to disguise their actions, the Russians used servers in the United States because most US intelligence agencies are not allowed to investigate there. However, it was initially unclear which evidence was presented to the MPs for this in detail. Some of the Republican MPs are said to have questioned the credibility of the intelligence services' findings, it said.

Trump fears allegations by the Democrats in the election campaign

The revelation in the committee meeting angered US President Trump. Trump lamented the report of the Times claimed that the Democrats, who were also present at the meeting, would use the information against him. The following day he reprimanded the secret service coordinator Joseph Maguire. The Washington Post reports that the episode may have been instrumental in Maguire's dismissal from the post. On Wednesday, Trump announced the replacement of Maguire by the previous US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, who is considered extremely loyal to the president.

Trump wanted to prevent the confidential information of the parliament, according to the reports, in order not to give the Democrats ammunition against him. If so, said the chairman of the intelligence committee, Democrat Adam Schiff, the president has sabotaged efforts to prevent foreign interference in the election. "He's doing exactly what we warned about," wrote Schiff on Twitter. He was evidently alluding to the impeachment proceedings against Trump, in which the Democrats had accused him of coercing Ukraine into electoral assistance.

One of the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, Senator Elizabeth Warren, accused Trump of undermining "the integrity of our democracy". "Russia is interfering again in our elections so that Trump is elected," she wrote, looking at the reports on Twitter.