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If you have a dog, you want to take it with you on vacation on the plane. But what do I have to consider when flying with a dog? How do I prepare for it?

Off on vacation: If you want to have your dog with you when traveling by plane, you should first find out about a few things. For example: Can the dog go into the cabin or does it have to go into the hold? How big can the transport box be? What does a Flight ticket for the dog? And what else is there with Flying with a dog to consider?

Travel preparation: What should I watch out for when flying with a dog?

Bringing dogs on the plane should be planned in advance. With many airlines, the dog must be specified when booking your own ticket. In some cases it is sufficient to register the dog up to 24 hours before departure.

The Dog can on the plane be taken in the cabin or in the hold, as stated on the Lufthansa website:

  • Maximum two dogs in the cabin of the Aircraft in a single approved transport container.
  • Maximum two dogs in the hold of the Aircraft in one or two approved transport containers.
  • A dog in the cabin and a dogin the hold of the Aircraft each in an approved transport container.

Warning: for many Airlines may only be a maximum of one dog can be transported per passenger.

What is important is the exact Know the travel regulations of the destination country. The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) advises that you obtain information on current entry regulations from the embassy or the tourism office.

From country to country, for example Leash and muzzle compulsory, the list of prohibited dog breeds ("Fighting dogs") and required treatments against parasites vary. When leaving for a non-EU country, animal owners should also know the re-entry conditions into the EU and Germany (animal health certificate, vaccination protection). Since 2011, the identification of an animal with a microchip has been mandatory within the EU Customs will give you more details.

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Documents for air travel with a dog

Before the fun on the beach, it gets tough for pet owners: They have to join in legal regulations deal. An EU pet passport has been required within the EU since October 2004. According to the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV), every resident veterinarian who has the appropriate authorization from the veterinary office can do the Issue document. This contains information about the animal's state of health, its registration number and evidence of vaccinations against rabies, for example.

Dog's weight: what should you watch out for?

Flying with a dog in a transport box:

Permitted transport boxes have slightly varying dimensions for the various airlines. At Lufthansa, a dog has to fit into an approved box measuring 55 by 40 by 23 centimeters. The same dimensions also apply to conventional ones Hand luggage at the airline. The Weight of the dog including the box may not exceed eight kilograms.

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Further provisions when flying with a dog

Basically: Animals are not allowed on every airline. So vacationers need to inform themselves before booking. With Easyjet and Ryanair, for example, animals are not allowed on board. At Eurowings, it is only possible to take light dogs or puppies as well as cats with a maximum weight of eight kilos (including transport bag) into the cabin. The animals are stowed in the footwell under the seat in front and may not be removed during the flight.

For the transport of boxes with larger ones Cats and dogs in the luggage compartment Eurowings machines are not fully equipped. "That means that there are not appropriate ventilation and heating systems in the hold on all aircraft," says spokeswoman Laura Karsten. Therefore, the service is not offered with consideration for the well-being of the animals.

Flying with attack dog:

The Bringing fighting dogs is subject to certain conditions. Attack dogs must be To fly be transported in special cages. Passengers should read the respective regulations on the website of the selected airline.

Flying with guide and service dogs:

Guide and service dogs as well as other dogs to support passengers can be carried in the cabin free of charge with most airlines. Here, too, you should deregister in good time.

Flying with larger dogs as excess baggage in the hold:

Weighs in dog plus a transport box weighing more than eight kilograms, it must be in the hold of the Aircraftfly along. For the carriage of the dogs In the hold, passengers should find out which other regulations apply to each airline.

Flying with dogs - not allowed?

Some airlines are Dogs on board not allowed, neither in the cabin nor in the hold. For example with the airline Ryanair. Before booking, you should definitely check that the airline you have chosen is the Bringing dogs allowed.

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Hold or cabin? The dog's weight matters

At the Tuifly holiday airline, around 10,000 dogs and cats counted. "5400 animals were carried in the hold, 4700 animals flew in the cabin," says spokesman Sören Ladehof. A maximum total weight of six kilos is permitted if a dog or cat is flying in the cabin. The number of Animals per flight is limited, so the four-legged friend should be registered early.

At Lufthansa, every animal must be registered and confirmed at least 24 hours before departure. Passengers who you Want to take an animal (up to eight kilos) with you in the cabin, should appear at check-in about two hours before departure. In general, it is possible to take it with you in any travel class. Dogs and cats are even allowed to stay in the Lufthansa lounges in transport bags. In the event that a flight is planned in the hold, passengers should report to the bulky baggage counter about three hours before departure.

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How much does flying with a dog cost?

The price of taking one with you Dog on the plane depends on the airline. Passengers have to plan between ten and 100 euros for their four-legged friends.

At Tuifly 40 euros in the cabin, 60 euros in the luggage compartment. This applies to international flights. If you register at short notice at check-in: additional processing fee of 25 euros. At Eurowings 55 euros in the cabin. At Lufthansa between 50 euros (domestic German routes) and 110 euros(intercontinental routes) in the cabin, in the hold, 80 or 190 euros. Or is it better by car?

The expert advises that Carefully weigh the need for a flight. "Dogs hear much better than humans, so for them alone the noise in the luggage system is immense." However, not all dogs reacted nervously to the hustle and bustle in the baggage area. "There are animals here that like the cinema," says Lindner. They watched everything and became calmer when they could look around.

Sarah Ross, pet expert at the Animal Welfare Foundation Vier Pfoten, adds: "Flying is very exhausting for animals, that shouldn't be underestimated. "On a short vacation, you should have the animals looked after at home or choose a travel destination that is accessible by car.

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According to Ross, cats that are considered to be particularly loyal to their surroundings should generally stay at home. For them, not only the flight, but also an unfamiliar environment means immense stress, according to Ross.

If the Air travel with the animal cannot be avoided, Ross definitely advises a direct flight. "The shorter the flight, the better." The maximum acceptable flight time depends individually on the animal. Dogs traveling in the hold are exposed to high stress due to waiting times, noise, pressure differences, climate, lack of exercise and being separated from the caregiver. Small, light dogs traveling as hand luggage could at least keep in touch with the owner.

All other prices in the following table:

sizeWithin Europe and between third countriesLong haul flight
Small animals in the cabin max. 8 kg50 Euros70 euros
Medium animals in hold: cage size 1: 60 x 45 x 40 cm100 euros150 euros
Large animals in the hold: cage size 2 - 4: max 125 x 75 x 85 cm200 euros300 Euro

Where can I get the flight ticket for my dog?

When booking your own flight, the dog must be specified directly in most cases. Often it is also possible to notify the dog about 24 hours before departure. It is easier if you are allowed to take the dog with you in the cabin.

If your dog is too big for the cabin and you have to take it with you in the hold, you should definitely think about the ticket for your dog when you book your flight.

Are there places on the plane where I am not allowed to sit with my dog?

Passengers who have a dog in an approved transport box in the cabin are not allowed to sit at the emergency exits. This would not guarantee that everything would run smoothly in an emergency, as the box could impair access to the emergency exits. There are seldom other restrictions on the choice of seats and they vary from airline to airline.

Shortly before the flight with the dog: Is everything sorted?

your dog should have taken another long walk before departure. You should also make sure that he has enough to drink. Through the excitement of a Air travel catch dogs often panting hard, which can dry out the mouth.

In addition, you should check again shortly before the flight that you have everything for your dog thought. The checklist for flying a dog further down in the article provides a good basis for this.

During the flight: This is how people and dogs stay relaxed

If a dog is very anxious, it makes sense to speak to a veterinarian beforehand. Here it can be decided whether the Dog flying should take light sedatives. Also, talk to yours dog again and again briefly. Even with a restricted field of vision in the transport box, he knows that he is in the company of his caregiver.

Even with more courageous or relaxed dogs, it is not wrong to have something to calm down your four-legged friend as a precaution. Especially with large ones Dogsthat are in Fly with the cargo hold, nervousness can occur due to the loud noises as well as during take-off and landing.

Do I have to muzzle my dog ​​during the flight?

You should always have one when you travel muzzle for her dog have along. Whether you are traveling by train or flying with your dog - a muzzle can always be requested by the staff if the dog for example, becomes restless or there are passengers who are afraid of dogs.

Regulations could also apply to your holiday destination, according to those for Dogs must wear a muzzle applies. As a precaution, find out which regulations apply to your travel destination before you travel.

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Packing list for the flight with the dog

In the overview you will find all the things you need for the To flywith your dog should definitely have with you. This is how the flight for you, yours dog and your fellow travelers pleasant:

  • Collar with address tag
  • Leash and muzzle
  • Bones and lining
  • Drinking and feeding bowl
  • Blanket and toys
  • Pet crate
  • EU pet passport
  • Insurance number
  • if necessary medication for calming down
  • Plastic bags for dog poop

Checklist: flying with a dog

Everything you want on one flightwith the dog you will find shortly in our Checklist:

Do you have your EU pet passport with you? dog insured and have you pocketed the insurance number? dog small enough for the cabin of the Aircraft or does he have to go into the hold? dogDo you have a muzzle with you? Have you checked the entry requirements for the destination country? Are you allowed to have yours dog on theirflight take away? dog Have you packed everything on the packing list? Have you got the flight ticket for the dog Have you attached an address tag to the collar?

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