How is surf punk music

Surf music - classic and long-running

Surfing is not just a sport, surfing is a culture - a whole lifestyle. And what shouldn't be missing? The music! That's what our blog is about today. We dedicate ourselves entirely to the sounds of surf music, from the beginning in the 1960s to today, from purely instrumental sounds to vocal pieces to reggae.

What actually is surf music?

The genre of surf music originated in California in the 1960s. It originally describes a predominantly instrumental variant of rock n roll. The Beach Boys were the ones who primarily shaped surf music in its early days. And through them she also became internationally popular. Over time, surf music changed. Singing was added, the basis is no longer just rock n roll but also ska and reggea. Nowadays there is no longer any uniform, typical surf music. As individual as each surfer's surfing style is, the music is just as different.

Top artists and their hits

One of the most famous bands are The Beach Boys. Their song Surfin ‘USA made it into the top ten in 1963. The Beach Boys differ stylistically from the traditionally instrumental surf music, as they mainly made songs with polyphonic singing.

The Surfaris are an American surf rock band from California. She is one of the well-known instrumental interpreters. The song Wipe Out, produced in 1963, also made it into the top ten.

Dick Dale is a musician from the United States and a pioneer of surf music. His song Let’s Go Trippin ‘(1961) is considered to be a style-defining element for the surf rock scene. His songs are also purely instrumental. His most famous song in surf music: Misirlou. Incidentally, Dick Dale once had the unofficial title "King of the Surf Guitar".

The American band The Ventures is dedicated to instrumental rock music. One of her surf song hits: Hawaii 5-0.

Jack Johnson's music is very popular among surfers, although it is not actually part of the classic genre of surf music. He is not only a singer, but also an avid surfer. Born on Hawai, surfing was practically born in his cradle. As a teenager he learned to play the guitar. Later he wrote his own songs. From then on, he rose to become a popular musical figure in the surfing scene. One of his best songs: You and your Heart.

The band Sublime has been around since 1988. The three singers come from California. They played a mix of punk, ska, dub and reggae. A popular song in surf music is Badfish.

After Sublime broke up after Nowell's death, the remaining band members Wilson and Gaugh formed the Long Beach Dub Allstars. This music falls into the reggae / dub area. Her song Sunny Hours has sneaked into the surf hits.

Music to get in the mood for the surfing season, for work out for the surf body and to relax in the surf camp. There are of course a lot of other artists who feel part of surf music, or whose songs are loved by surfing. If you still have favorites, feel free to share them with us. This will make the playlist perfect for your next surf vacation!

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