Works good or bad in HGS

The employee interview

We have been taking care of your concerns and projects individually for almost 20 years. Our big plus is the team that takes care of inquiries, orders and projects behind the scenes. But the colleagues who take care of marketing or accounting are also an essential part of our success. Who are the colleagues behind the scenes at STEIN HGS?

With this blog post we would like to give you a very personal insight into our everyday work and introduce you to the team.

This time: Melanie from project management.


Hello Melanie. Please introduce yourself briefly in one sentence!

I'm Melanie, 34 years old, I have 2 children and I am a trained office communication clerk.

How did you come to STEIN HGS?

I was looking for an attractive part-time job in my local area through various internet portals.

How long have you been working at STEIN HGS?

Since September 2017.

What did you notice positively during the first contact?

A pleasantly designed office is a basic requirement for me personally.

I was welcomed in a very friendly and open manner, which was rounded off by a suitably relaxed and professional job interview. After the conversation, I was once shown through the rooms, which are very modern. There are multi-person offices separated by glass walls, which ensure a bright and open atmosphere. A pleasantly designed office is a basic requirement for me personally, because I spend there every day.

What is your job at STEIN HGS?

As a project assistant, I have a very diverse range of tasks. Already in the interview it was clear that there is still a lot of scope and potential for new things in the company, so that I can devote myself to very different projects. In between, I also work in a supporting role in other departments, which is also helpful in understanding the interrelationships in the work processes and possibly optimizing them.

How are the induction, supervision and feedback from your superiors regulated in your team?

Familiarization is still fairly loosely regulated. You always have a permanent contact person here, but you can also speak to other colleagues at any time if you have unanswered questions. Regular meetings automatically give you feedback about what you need and stay in touch.

What do you have to bring with you for a job at STEIN HGS?

You should have a good mix of motivation for different areas of responsibility, professionalism and looseness in your luggage.

Would you recommend STEIN HGS to applicants as an employer or training company?

STEIN HGS is located in an attractive building in a relatively new industrial park in Seevetal. The premises are attractively designed, there is also a modern kitchen in which a water system is installed, in which all employees can help themselves.

The team stands for its name "STEIN HGS - Hanseatic, good, personable".

There are structured processes for work processes that are continuously optimized, also through the ideas of the employees.

Small events are organized on a regular basis, such as game evenings or barbecues. The togetherness benefits a lot from it.

How do you feel about the working atmosphere at STEIN HGS?

I find the working atmosphere at Stein relaxed because you work in manageable teams, you can work independently on solving problems and you have a variety of freedom that make your day-to-day work more pleasant.

What is the “coolest” thing about your job?

... that there is no such thing as a 100% routine. There are often new topics and new projects - I like that a lot.

What do you personally like about working at STEIN HGS?

For me it is important that I come into a nice, friendly environment every day. I look forward to going to work and at the same time I know that the work itself is interesting and challenging. It's a very good combination.

What do you think what defines the STEIN HGS?

We are all very relaxed and friendly with one another.

The combination of a family atmosphere on the one hand - flat hierarchies, everyone can be addressed and will be addressed. At the same time, a very relaxed culture, then again professionalism in terms of project implementation and interesting customers. We are all very relaxed and friendly with each other and everyone gets the chance to contribute to the projects and to express wishes on what they would like to work on.

What are you currently doing?

I am currently working on the implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation, which will come into force in May 2018.