Who is better Undertaker or Cena

John Cena vs. The Undertaker

#DateUserRatingComment110.05.2021MrGrinningSoul7.0214.04.2021Nivv7.0303.01.2021Mudshow idol6.0403.12.2020kcharles5207.0529.11.2020Garmonbozia6.0607.11.2020Wrestling Forever 8.0A forgotten gem from the Ruthless Aggression Era (*** 3/4). You could also mention that it could have been the World Cup match.707.11.2020ilovewrestling19956. 5/10 It was just an average match with some pretty good moments and i kinda liked it but it washt that great. it could have been way better827.09.2020MagnusD7.0921.08.2020wrestling fan19918.01017.08.2020Mizzle Assault Ant8.0Excellent match, they structured it really well to help Cena look like he was now fighting up to Taker's level without hurting Taker at all. Very engaging watch.1131.05.2020RusevDay4Ever8.01226.05.2020er928.01306.04.2020guysquiterio8.01406.04.2020Wonderllama8.01505.04.2020Caas8.01622.05.2019JxhDel6.01704.07.2018Aceofdestiny728.01820.05.2018King of Strong Style7.01901.05.2018nWo Member5.0It was ok for a TV match. A good brawl, but nothing special. Smart booking with taker winning after getting desperate to beat Cena, and both men’s leave the match over.2015.04.2018SED123456.02104.04.2018Cheese8.02203.09.201776996198.02302.02.2017Jobbs8.0Pretty good match but now there near the level of the match they had at Vengeance 1 year prior. Taker was good in his role on top and Cena was great in his survival mode and having to work from underneath. I did like the story and the ref bump was fine here given the story told and taker ending up getting desperate to beat Cena was a nice touch as well. (*** 1/2)2427.08.2016jokiller28.02512.08.2016eldkqmffh28.02626.03.2016Beerus6.02720.07.2015jackleone7.0A good match that shines even more in a show which lost his identity. Taker and Cena put a great fight, maybe a bit slow but solid and interesting. A 20+ minutes main event some days before the pay per view. *** 1/22830.10.2014kazuya1018.0For Smackdown's dead period (2004-05), this was a pretty fucking good match. One of John Cena's best WWE matches to that point, he always seemed to have good matches against the Undertaker. ****2920.02.2014DaNi4.0If you look at this match again after a few years, then it wasn’t that good at all :) Exchange of blows follows exchange of blows, 1-2 moves that do not belong to the standard set were shown. That was it already. The finish wasn't clean, which gave the match a certain note. Otherwise, in my opinion, it shouldn't have been included in the guide.3016.05.2011exxter8.0Good main event. Also my favorite match in 2004 (in SD) and my "hardcore" wrestling time ^^ What I watched wrestling was too cool, and the match was also brilliant with a cool end3118.05.2009PrideFC7.03210.07.2008Edibas6.03307.07.2008Bekiffski8.0One of the best smackdown matches of the last few years ...3423.04.2008Darben8.03515.03.2008LexLuger4ever8.0A good match, but nothing more! I found it frightening, however, that the push from Cena itself had already reached such proportions in mid-2004 that an Undertaker was no longer allowed to defeat him fairly!