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Contribution from kra ┬╗Mon 13 Oct 2008, 8:59 am

Sorry, Rabenstein, if you had read Esteban's post in full, your answer might have been a bit more binding ...

Esteban wrote that he each had 8 arrows with almost the same weight (31/32 grams) - so much for the weight tolerance you complained about

Regarding the absolute weight of the arrow: Tom did not provide relevant information: which spine does he need?

As an an example:
I am shooting an approximately 55 # / 28 "bamboo-covered Osage and need a spine of approximately 77 #. And it will be difficult to find arrows with 470grain here.

My lightest are around 485gr with a 100 gr tip ... A relistic value for a suitable set is 500 grain - and that means I am around 9gr / #.

The 5/16> 55 # described by Esteban come with an arrow length of 28 "on approx. 510gr - the same house number.

@ Tom: if the minimum weight is everything I would go on carbon and "leave" the longbow. If you want to shoot a longbow, be aware that arrow weight (and speed) is just one, and by far not the most important, component. With a 55 # longbow you should be able to shoot at 60 yards without any problems, if the bow is not totally "junk". Hit is the shooter's business!
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