What do Jordanians think of Americans?

US soldiers shot dead in front of the air force base in Jordan

According to the latest information, at least three US soldiers were killed in an exchange of fire in southern Jordan. Other people involved were injured, as the Jordanian embassy in Washington announced. The attack occurred at the entrance to the Prince Faisal Air Force Base in Al-Jafr. The exact circumstances are still unclear.

The US military corrected earlier reports several times. At first it was said that only one soldier had been killed instead of two. Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense speaks of three deaths on the part of the Americans. The Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad reports that a guard shot at a car carrying the American military when they did not stop at the driveway despite orders. Accordingly, the inmates were US Army instructors.

Side by side with the west

Should the fatal incident, however, be traced back to misconduct by Jordanian military personnel, this could have diplomatic consequences. Jordan is a close ally of the United States in the fight against the terrorist militia "Islamic State" (IS). A year ago, a Jordanian police officer shot two US instructors and a South African in a training center east of the capital, Amman. The shooter and a Jordanian employee were also killed in the attack at the time.

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