What will be obsolete in 2019


It is a book that leaves one amazed and thought provoking and concerned. The new book "Mensch, Markt, Macht, Moral" by Karl H. Grabbe is nothing less than a declaration of war on current and so far unchallenged facts of today's economic theses.


Above all, state administrations and the excessive bureaucracy are put to the test by the author. But the author especially takes on a veteran, who has his 200th birthday this year: "Marx was wrong. In Marx's view, there is no natural interest rate. A mistake! I say there is a mathematical justification for interest . The natural interest rate is an absolute criterion, derived from the energy conservation law and therefore shifts some of the ideas of Marxism, "says the author, who for the first time mathematically proves and proves the right to interest in the book.

Grabbe does not skimp on today's capitalism and the "plundering of the masses" by politics and administration.

Marx's “Capital” is out of date

"You just have to remember that Marx wrote the capital in 1867. It was the time of transition from a craft to an industrial society. At that time there were around 1.3 billion people on earth, without telephone, radio or TV Most of them could neither write nor read. Today there are almost 8 billion people. Marx could not even come close to foreseeing the development of today's world based on the division of labor with the rapid dissemination of information. Therefore new approaches are necessary in all areas of the economy, but also in social coexistence and overdue. My book should act as an initial spark for all those who are critical and open-minded in a real problem-solving without ideological blinkers, "said Grabbe.

An entrepreneur thinks outside the box

Karl H. Grabbe is an entrepreneur and has built one of the largest private residential construction companies in Germany. He worked in politics, development cooperation and also as a diplomat for 17 years. The western capitalist system is therefore in the blood of the thoroughbred entrepreneur. Nonetheless, for many years he has noticed the problems in the system and the sand in the gears, which barely allow people to create value and build up wealth. "The book is aimed at readers who intuitively look for answers to pressing questions about democracy, economy and morality."

Karl H. Grabbe
Man, market, power, morality
A contribution to capitalist synthesis
396 pages, TWENTYSIX
ISBN-13: 978-3740748760, 12.99 euros