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I'll be in touch again from Afghanistan. In the meantime I have been in this 20 year war-torn country for almost 4 months. A lot has happened in the last 2 years and a certain quality of life seems to be returning, but there is still a lot to be done. I and my men are mainly responsible for the operation of the "Camp Warehouse", which is occupied by 2500 soldiers, i.e. we are the caretakers, so to speak. But more and more we are also being called upon for construction projects in Kabul and the surrounding area. It's a lot of fun, although it's not entirely safe either. So far we have been involved in several projects, in which we have built a school, made blackboards or even made furniture for a kindergarten in which the children had previously "walked" on the floor. It is really a fulfillment to see the glow in the children's eyes and it drives you to do more. It is hard to believe what you can still conjure up a child's face with a candy for rays.
That's why I decided to start my own project in which the 1000Stones congregation can also help. I have already spoken to René and he was also enthusiastic about my suggestion. Therefore, I would like to call on me to support the “Lego for Afghan Children” campaign. I have looked at different kindergartens and orphanages and we will support these institutions depending on how much comes together. The whole thing should go as follows:

1. What are we looking for?

Of course, we mainly want to collect Lego in order to stimulate the children's motor skills. Above all, very simple basic stones, plates, wheels for vehicles, windows, doors and figures are attached. Of course, duplo stones and other things are also in demand, just not too small and special parts, as the children don't really know any toys here. Small Matchbox cars are also in great demand. Be careful with dolls, as the belief is not so enthusiastic about half-naked Barbies. I'd rather have some old cuddly toys.

2. How can you help?

a) You send the things directly to me in Afghanistan (Attention: the package must be addressed and franked exactly as when shipping within Germany, as the post goes to Darmstadt and from there it is flown free of charge by the Bundeswehr to Kabul.
My address:

OFR Ewald Full
Camp warehouse
64298 Darmstadt

b) If you don't want to send anything, you can also make a donation. Simply transfer the money with the addition “Lego for Afghanistan” to René and René then converts the whole thing into Lego and sends it to me.

3. General

Please do not send any clothing, as there is enough of it here and it is hardly accepted.
I'll be there until mid-January, so the campaign will run until mid-December, because I didn't have any time in the last month because of the handover and it will also be more difficult in the city, since the Loya Jirga takes place from mid-December and the City has the highest security level.
I hope to be able to make many children happy, because the children have very little to laugh about, as they are drawn to work here at an early age and not all of them can go to school. It's hard to imagine if you haven't seen it with your own eyes.

Thank you for your help, I will certainly be able to thank you with pictures of happy children's eyes.

With best regards
Your MF-Eddie