Why isn't Overwatch free?

    The hero shooter Overwatch is still very popular. Surprisingly, this Blizzard is giving you this very free gift today.

    • The first person shooter from Blizzard should get a second part in the near future.
    • To Christmas there from Blizzard in Overwatch but another gift.
    • These Game modes and Rewards are also in during the Christmas period Overwatch represented.

    Irvine, California - The world always needs new heroes. This saying is often in Overwatch liked and Blizzard now actually opens the door for new ones Gamesr on. At Christmas one is also with Blizzard in a spending mood and provides new ones Players a free door to the world of Overwatchwhere the omni crisis still needs to be stopped. We'll tell you where and for how long you Overwatch can test for free - also which special Game modes and Rewards it in the Christmas time gives.

    Release (date of first publication)October 27, 2015
    PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
    platformPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
    developer Blizzard Entertainment, Iron Galaxy Studios / Jeff Kaplan, Jeremy Craig, Scott Mercer, Michael Elliott
    genreEgo shooter

    Overwatch: Blizzard has the ultimate gift for Christmas

    Freezing cold like Mei or being cool and relaxed like Genji? Who is not yet into this Overwatch universe has sunk, now has the opportunity to do so for free. Until January 4th you can player the trial version of Overwatch Download it for free from the Blizzard Entertertainment online shop under the "test" tab. Unfortunately, this promotion only applies to player on the pc. The trial version of Overwatch shows off with content. All 23 heroes, as well as all game modes available in the full version, are available to you free of charge. That means free experimentation without any restrictions.

    Should you from Overwatch If you are so excited that a purchase is an option for you, there is several good news. All of your progress during testing will be reflected in the full version after purchase. That means unlocked skins and your level can still be kept. There in Overwatch, anyway all heroes can be played for free, you can also achieve the Play of The Game with your favorite character after testing.

    Sleigh What ?!

    Unwrap winter-themed cosmetics, win weekly rewards, and freeze your foes in the new 4v4 game mode, Freezethaw Elimination! Winter Wonderland is now live!

    ❄️: https://t.co/uER2CMOfcnpic.twitter.com/to6S1g0yVT

    - Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) December 15, 2020

    The other good news: if you can speed up the purchase of Overwatch decides, has Blizzard a discount promotion for you guys. Right now you can get the Legendary version of Overwatch also in the online shop of Blizzard instead of 39.99 euros, buy for 19.99 euros. The standard version of Overwatch is currently offered for 14.99 euros. But even these offers are only valid until January 4, 2021.

    Overwatch: Blizzard implements these modes and rewards for Christmas

    Besides the normal Arcade modes in Overwatch, which change daily, are there for Christmas time also a few well-known long-time favorites. So four different winter brawls find their way back into Overwatch. There we have the 4v4 Freezethaw Elimination, in which one player find yourself on the usual 3vs3 maps, only this time in 4vs4 and with a special rule. Should you be eliminated, your hero freezes to a block of ice and can be thawed again by team members so that the scratched one free player can participate in the round again. Then there are those Game modeswhere Mei is in focus. In the 8 player snowball deathmatch, players as Mei can fire each other with speedballs until one of them has reached 15 kills. The same principle can also be practiced again in 6vs6.

    Last but not least, you can team up with five against a giant Yeti in a mode. The so-called boss mode can only be played with Mei or Winston. What the Rewards as far as is concerned, there are of Blizzard, log in a typical Christmas loot box for the first time, as well as for every ordinary level up. A Christmas loot box is also given for the first win in a winter brawl. The Christmas loot boxes have a chance to win skins, voicelines, etc., which are only available during Christmas Are available. The weekly quests also remain during Christmas consist. Get for every third win player a Christmas reward. So let's go to the Winter Games!

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