How do I get Google Fi

Only in America, only for Nexus 6 owners

Google launches its own cellular offering for customers in the United States. It's called "Project Fi" and is initially only available to owners of the Google Nexus 6 smartphone. However, Google is not building its own cellular network for this. Instead, Fi users should be able to connect to wireless Internet access via the networks of the providers Sprint and T-Mobile and via more than a million hotspots. The smartphone automatically searches for the fastest connection.

Aggressive pricing policy

The service costs a monthly basic fee of $ 20 and includes a telephone and SMS flat rate as well as free data roaming in 120 countries. In addition, customers pay for the amount of data used, for ten dollars they get one gigabyte of data. If you need two gigabytes per month, you have to pay a total of 40 dollars.

However, users are credited with unused volume at the end of the month: If you only need 1.6 gigabytes, you get a refund of four dollars for the 400 megabytes. This may seem expensive by European standards, but it makes Google one of the cheapest providers in the US.

Secure encryption, take-away number

Google promises secure encryption for the data connections. With Project Fi, the mobile phone number is not tied to a single smartphone, but rather linked to the Internet cloud. With their number, users can make phone calls and send text messages from any smartphone, tablet PC or laptop on which the corresponding Google software is installed.