How and by whom was Avicii discovered

Netflix documentary about Avicii: It was a life under high voltage

Star DJ Avicii is dead. Tim Bergling, as his real name was called, died on Friday in Muscat, the capital of Oman, at the age of 28. The Swedish police are now aware of the cause of death, but the information is being withheld from the public for the time being.

The documentary "True Stories", which was produced in 2017 and published on Netflix on March 31, 2018, shows the star DJ's meteoric rise, but also the darker side of his music career.

► Avicii was one of the most successful DJs in the world. His breakthrough came in 2011 with “Levels”. He worked with Chris Martin (Coldplay), Jon Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams and Madonna, among others.

“True Stories” shows a Tim Berling as only a few knew him: a shy teenager from Sweden who barely got out of his home country until he was 17 and didn't really fit into this dazzling world of excessive parties and nightlife.

It is a documentary that should only close a chapter in Avicii's life. But with the death of the musician it takes on a strange aftertaste.

"My life was one party"

At the beginning of his documentary, Avicii says: “The first four or five years everything was really exciting. It was a kick, like skydiving. You play with getting close to death. And on stage you play with being special, with being accepted. "

As a teenager, Avicii begins experimenting with DJing in a friend's basement. He analyzes tracks by well-known DJ greats and musicians until late at night. Until he is finally discovered himself at 17.

A producer promised him at the time: "Find every successful DJ in Sweden, no matter who, and I promise you, in a year your name will be even better known."

• Avicii was a music genius, an exceptional talent, very young and incredibly ambitious. He played his first gig in front of three people in 2008. This was followed by other smaller appearances in various clubs.

• With the song “Levels” in 2011, things rose rapidly - a club song became a world hit and the beginning of a mega career.

From 2008 to 2012 Avicii played 550 shows around the world! Avicii about this time: "I was young, I was single and my life was one big party."

Timid Tim began to discover alcohol for himself: “In the beginning I didn't dare to drink. But then I noticed that I loosened up with a few drinks. Ultimately, it helped me get through the shows. "

"I was constantly drunk"

In 2012, reality caught up with him: On the way to a gig in Australia, Avicii got severe stomach pain and was hospitalized. Diagnosis: inflammation of the pancreas.

He didn't have time to relax: in 2013 his new hit “Wake me Up” hit like a bomb - Avicii was back on the big stages. But the next hospital stay soon followed: ruptured appendix, ruptured gallbladder.

Avicii took strong medication, continued his tour. Higher faster further. To withstand the pressure, he swallowed 20 different pills a day. "I was constantly drunk and didn't know how long this should go on."

A friend of Avicii remembers that time in the documentary: "He was just the shadow of himself. That was no longer the person I knew."

In 2015 Avicii finished his second album "Stories" after two years, took a long break and finally announced his resignation in 2016. He played his very last live concert on the party island of Ibiza in August.

At the beginning of the documentary, Avicii looks back on these turbulent times: “It was a life under high voltage. I didn't have time to think about whether I enjoy life on tour too. I was constantly on the move for eight years and after four years I noticed that there was no feeling of home and I realized that I no longer wanted that. It was just too much for me. That's when I decided to stop. "

Tim Bergling was considered shy and reserved. As Avicii, he was one of the greatest musical geniuses on the scene - and of his time.

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