How did your father start

Hera from the young Danube

Hera from the young Danube

From conception to death.

You were special. It goes without saying that every living being is unique - unique and unmistakable. You, dear HeraMaus, were a "special feature". It all started with the fact that your father was our Silas from the old Aare and he selected Susanne Börngen as a stud dog for her H-litter from the young Danube.

We were right there when your mother Line and your father Silas performed the mating in our living room on the evening of November 26, 2004. How proud we were that Silas became the father of the H-litter, but we didn't know that you would accompany us over the course of 14 years, more on that later.

You were born on January 26th, 2005, together with your siblings, in Immendingen, Germany. Just four days later, we were able to see and touch you for the first time. We visited your breeder surprisingly, because she had to be at home. We then visited you and your sibling almost every weekend. That was a wonderful and unforgettable time and we are infinitely grateful to Susanne. At some point during this time, Doris had the idea of ​​a second Hovawart. It had to be a bitch. What Hans-Jürg didn't really take seriously at first as a “fart” gradually developed into a “paw-proof” reality and we decided to give you “Hera Hersilia” (official breeder's name) on March 26, 2005 (again the 26th .) into our mixed social community and so you moved in with us that day.

From that day on, you completely changed our lives. Positive, of course. We enjoyed your lively, cheeky, loving, disrespectful manner towards us and Silas, and we have fond memories of your innocent brown eyes. No puppy or young dog has broken us so much :-) Keywords, carpet, plants, and pillows, to name just a few. Unrolling the toilet paper roll was of course also part of your field of work, but that belongs in every repertoire of a “decent puppy” :-). Also in eternal memory is the situation where you ran across the living room, jumped over the coffee table, and ended up lying across on the sofa, between us and the visitor. Small, not insignificant addition, on the table was a bottle of white wine and glasses, which "survived your attack" but unharmed. You danced on the nose of your father Silas, sometimes we could hardly watch. That changed in the course of the early young dog age and you and your father grew together to form an inseparable great TEAM. The time with you, or with you, was great.

The decision to go other ways in dog training led to the fact that you accompanied me, Hans-Jürg, in many training courses in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in the years to come. Many times we went to Ekard Lind in Styria, experienced highs and lows with each other, which connected us infinitely deeply, for a lifetime. You have forgiven me for a lot of "training mistakes", but you have also brought me to the brink of a nervous breakdown. I am particularly thinking of the moment when you “flattened” Eckard Lind’s bitch, right before the last of the five tests, the “public teaching test”, in southern Germany. "That was it with the trainer license", I thought at the time, but Ekard Lind was above it and we finished the last exam with "one of the best results of a public teaching test" Quote Ekard Lind. I was “proud like Anton”, and I couldn't keep pressing you tight to my heart enough.

From that moment on you have faithfully accompanied me in all my courses and seminars in CH and D for many years and, how could it be otherwise, you were my “flagship dog”, which does not mean that you were a wallflower. No no, it wasn't like that with you either :-), a real Hovawart, stop. Guarding everything you could see, even if it was far away :-), was not only part of the breed standard for you on paper and, if you had the opportunity, you lived up to the name «Rüdin». Marking "the boss" with other bitches or setting clear boundaries for penetrating males with nose-in-bum, you could do that so clearly and unmistakably that it was sometimes embarrassing for your people, but often made us smile brought, especially with the "male situations" I am thinking, for example, of Onix, the father of our Brian vom Maieriesli. He did not pay attention to the signals from you, was still rebellious, penetrative and did not keep your required distance, so he was "flattened" by you without further ado :-).

So we spent many wonderful and unique years side by side with you and your father Silas and later with Brian. Oh, the time with you was wonderful and unforgettable, but also extremely instructive for us humans, because we definitely couldn't “sleep” on the walks :-). Keyword “formal dominance”.

Characterized by the many trainings, the long car trips in Europe, the overnight stays in hotels, and and and, if you became a real “daddy's hump” where your master was, there you were. A gesture, a look from the master, and you were with him. Unimaginable non-verbal communication took place between you and Hans-Jürg. Unforgettable is your acoustic announcement that your master will come back home when he has allowed himself to leave without you.

For many years we had a very close relationship with your breeder and your mom and we were allowed to give some seminars in your home country, where of course, how could it be otherwise, you were the "top dog".

After the death of Silas you were alone for a short time. It was bad for all of us. But soon Brian von Maieriesli moved in with us. You had him firmly under control from the start, for many years. Our big task at the time was that Brian was only allowed to learn good things from you :-) and there was a lot of that.

At the age of 10 you had a tumor in the milk bar and we unfortunately had to castrate you, which resulted in your fur "exploding", which bothered you very much in the summer.

You were a toy noodle all your life, until the end. The moments when you presented your prey to us with an inviting smile and asked us to play a game are unforgettable. Your white teeth in your dark fur shone like pearls in the light. The moments when we "dueled" in the garden or fought for "your jeans" on the living room floor are unforgettable. Sometimes two, sometimes three. The frisbee games on the walks are unforgettable, either you ran after the frisbee like crazy, or you waited in the square so that we could throw the frisbee to you and then catch it with a powerful jump out of the square in the air. When there was snow, you could hardly be stopped, snow, yes, that was your element. In short, you were a downright crazy good-humored, lovable game Chicken :-).

It was the same on your last day. We never thought that February 20, 2019 would be your last day. At the age of over 14 you walked the stairs effortlessly until the last day, despite your spondylosis, you had no complaints, in any relationship, absolutely nothing. There was nothing to suggest that your end was near. That morning you chased the ducks out of our pond, with full commitment, acoustically and physically. As always. As so often in the morning, we made a dragging game together in the garden, you were as always. On the walk you got weaker and weaker, so that we had to turn back after a few hundred meters. It was immediately clear to us that your state of health was very serious and we will probably never forget the emotional drive with a lot of tears. An X-ray destroyed the last hope. Your rib cage was full of cuttings and one of the tumors had burst so that you bleed to death internally. You didn't stand a chance and we had to let you go. Your breath is forever silent and your good heart has stopped beating under our hands.

Hera, we have learned an infinite amount from you for over 14 years. We were able to gain an infinite amount of knowledge and life experience, and we will be grateful to you for this as long as we can remember.

Although it is clear to us that you could enjoy a great "dog life" on all levels, we miss you very much. Sometimes we see you wobbling through the living room in our minds eye, see you stretched out on the sofa, or you are close to our side on one of our walks, sometimes we see you in our garden or we think we can hear your soothing snoring in the bedroom.

Even though you are present - HERA YOU ARE MISSING.

Your TEAM leader