What are the most useful developer tools

The 5 best developer collaboration tools

Whether your development team is working on a cross-departmental project, fixing bugs or looking at engineering problems for other project teams: Collaboration is the key to success. Unfortunately, people often work in silos when engineers struggle with a project. To keep everyone on your development team on the same page, it's important to find the right developer tools to work with.

Below, you'll learn how to use the following tools to enable team members to communicate, share knowledge, get status updates, and more.

Get more done with these collaboration developer tools

A recent Slack study on collaboration in the workplace highlights the importance of everyone on the project team being able to communicate openly and honestly, knowing what they do and trusting one another. The study also shows that employees are happier when processes are in place for good collaboration. The following tools will help you to achieve this goal.

1. GitHub

GitHub is a practical development platform for project collaboration and team management. For example, GitHub makes it easy to get up-to-date information on various projects by subscribing to specific activity hubs. Various security and access options also offer reliability and protection in the projects.

To install
Install GitHub on Slack
  • Get updates on what's going on on GitHub - without leaving Slack
  • Give your team more information in Slack by sharing links to GitHub activities and properties
  • Use Slack Slash commands for common GitHub actions like closing or reopening a ticket or a pull request
Note: some integrations are only available in English.

2. Jira Cloud

Jira is a useful tool for managing projects and tracking questions and bugs. Not only is it a great solution for developer teams to collaborate, but also for cross-functional projects and requests.

With Jira Cloud, you receive regular notifications on tasks, stories and requests, including status, question type, priority and recipients. You can also filter which updates are released for which roadmap (by project, question type and more). This gives you the opportunity to customize the collaboration to increase efficiency.

To install
Install Jira Cloud on Slack
  • Receive customizable notifications from Jira Cloud to you and your Slack channels
  • Connect a project to a Slack channel and automatically preview Jira tasks when they are mentioned
  • Attach messages to Jira Cloud tasks for easy collaboration
Note: some integrations are only available in English.

3. Stack Overflow for Teams

Knowledge sharing is critical to a collaborative and productive project team and often leads to the best collaboration solutions. After all, every team member has unique experiences, special knowledge and their own opinions that they can share. The Stack Overflow community of developers and technology professionals helps your team members get the answers they need instantly through a searchable knowledge base.

To install
Install Stack Overflow on Slack
  • Stay up to date with customized Stack Overflow notifications that are pushed straight to your Slack channel
  • Search Slack for answers to your team's questions
  • Team members can start new questions right from Slack
Note: some integrations are only available in English.

4. Backlog

If your development team prefers to use backlog instead of Jira, you will receive real-time notifications when team members create or respond to tasks. For example, when a team member creates a new task, the app exposes important details including the task type, priority, recipient, category, and due date.

Backlog gives the entire project team a chance to stay up to date on project management, bug tracking, version control, and more.

To install
Install backlog on Slack
  • Backlog is an online project management tool that helps teams collaborate on high quality software and web projects right in Slack
  • Backlog has everything you need for an effective development workflow, including bug tracking, task management, and version control
Note: some integrations are only available in English.

5. Stand bot

Daily stand-up meetings are important for successful cooperation, mutual support and the assumption of responsibility. But when each member is working on different projects and tasks, or when part of the project team is not on site, it can sometimes be difficult to get everyone around the table or into a video conference.

With Stand-Bot you can hold a short meeting asynchronously. The bot writes directly to everyone at the same time every day to receive a status report on assigned Jira tasks. Team members can also share daily what they expect to work on and if there are any problems completing their assignments.

Stand-Bot then gives feedback to the project team by pointing out specific problems and providing a link. This way, team members will get the full report from each person. If you want to make your daily work more efficient, Stand-Bot will help you.

To install
Install Stand-Bot on Slack
  • Conduct daily asynchronous stand-up meetings right in Slack
  • Improve your team's performance by having each member send updates about their work and report issues
  • Review past standup reports in Slack so you can review your team's progress
Note: some integrations are only available in English.

One final note: Don't just rely on apps to collaborate

Working together in the project team is important not only to make better decisions, but also to keep projects running smoothly and to prevent questions from going unanswered. While these collaborative developer tools can help your project team create a collaborative culture, processes that encourage knowledge sharing, constructive feedback, and open communication are also important.

For example, plan regular team offsites or activities where team members can get to know each other better and build trust. Also consider feedback tools to learn more about the individual needs of your employees and how you can best give them or how they can support each other.

Also, involve remote workers in important conversations and updates. It can quickly happen that you have short, important conversations in the office and then forget to notify the team members who are not there. Implementing collaboration solutions and setting up efficient processes takes some time, but it can significantly improve productivity and team cohesion.


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