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Drinking on hiking tours is essential.

To make the family hike an experience for children, a good picnic in the open air is a must. Parents should always have the right snacks in their backpack for this. Instead of ready-made products that often contain fat and sugar, healthy and tasty snacks can be easily prepared. The children can also be included in the picnic preparations. Because snipping and packing is fun and increases the anticipation.

Simple slices of bread are turned into funny figures using cookie molds, which can then be covered individually. A sandwich also inconspicuously contains more vitamins if finely chopped peppers, cucumber slices and a lettuce leaf are hidden under the topping. Colorful sticks with quark dip, meatballs on skewers, small schnitzel or nuggets with vegetables and everything that is suitable for transport, such as hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers, apples and bananas, are also well suited for the picnic.

Sensitive dishes such as sausage, mature cheese or salads with mayonnaise, on the other hand, should better stay at home when the temperature is warm. To prevent cut fruit from turning brown, simply add a few drops of lemon juice.
In addition to a picnic blanket, pocket knife, napkin, damp cloths, anti-mosquito repellants and recyclable plastic dishes, you should not forget a garbage bag so that the picnic is just as beautiful for the next one as it is for you!